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How Non-Profits Can Optimize Social Media for Easy Fundraising: 10 Rules.

Updated on October 12, 2017

What about non-profits? How can they use social networks to accompany a good cause? Should they be used?

The reach of all networks combined make it an easy yes. Your presence on social media considerably increases the visibility of your message while generating visits to your website. The integration of social networks must be at the heart of your marketing strategy.

What are the objectives of an SMO strategy? What are the rules to optimize it?

There are 7 major objectives for an SMO strategy

• Generate traffic to your website

• Reaching potential customers

• Improve your e-reputation

• Creating an active community

• Valuing your content

• Acquire backlinks and,

• Improving your SEO.

The 10 optimization rules to optimize your presence can ensure maximum output for these objectives.

Tips Non-Profits Can Optimize Social Media for Easy Fundraising

1. Create content that can be shared

Your content must be of quality and interest for the greatest number or for defined targets. Your content must be created in order to be shared via social networks.

2. Simplify sharing

Your audience, if they want to share your content, should be able to do so quickly and easily. Sharing buttons should be placed at his disposal and, why not, "clicks to tweet" during the articles. On social networks, with each of your posts, sharing is directly accessible (re-tweet, share ...), this must be extended manually on your website.

3. Reward commitment

Conversation and commitment have become important issues for non-profit organizations. Commitment to your cause is visible through all actions (shares, retweets, comments) that users make on the content you have posted. You have to reward it, with a personalized message for example. This encourages them to do it again.

4. Promote your content proactively

This includes the production of content on different medias. Create slides to create content on slide share, videos for YouTube.

You must also be active in the broadcast: plan your content early enough and determine the most interesting times for their distribution according to social networks.

5. Be a resource for Internet users

Do not wait for immediate feedback on your content. Focus on bringing quality content that will be a source of information for users. Even if your links lead to competition, you will gain in the long term because you will meet the needs of your users: you will become a source of information and help.

6. Encourage users to reclaim your content.

Your content must be optimized for social networks so that users can pick up your content and not just share it. They must be able to add their voice, their opinion, their personal touch. You become a source, not just of information, but of inspiration.

7. Participate in conversations

Take part in discussions that deal with topics related to your expertise or to which you can bring something relevant. Do not forget, on social networks, nothing is ever one-way. By participating in conversations, you increase not only your visibility but also your credibility.

You can start by creating tips or learning from pat fundraising or volunteering campaigns.

Those who have seen you or with whom you have spoken will in turn speak to you and you will enjoy a greater notoriety that will allow you to spread your messages on a larger scale.

8. Introduce the co-creation process into your SMO strategy

Social networks are favorite places to create especially to co-create. One-way branding (the content you distribute to a greater number) is an increasingly becoming an obsolete practice in the face of the growing User Generated Content. Have your users participate regularly, around a theme or an idea, think together about a design, an image, an article, a video, etc.

9. Stay on your own

Your company, your brand or what you represent, has an image, an attitude and values. Social networks and your SMO strategy need to consolidate and spread them. It is important to keep cross-channel coherence to the test.

10. Experiment with new things

As social media evolves very quickly, you need to keep abreast of these developments, new products, tools, and ways of doing things. Including in your SMO strategy to be innovative will let you stay on the page and even sometimes be a pioneer on some practices.

In addition to your classic search engine optimization strategy, the SMO allows you to have a successful SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy. Social networks alone are not enough to optimize your natural SEO but they help and they allow you to gain visibility, notoriety and visitors.


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