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How Not To Network

Updated on May 17, 2015


The Wrong Way to Network

The Wrong Way To Network

Networking is the best and effective way to create a band of alliances to help you to fulfill your goals and obtain career opportunities. While there are many ways to create connections, I want to share what is not appropriate in terms of networking. The list of offenses when networking:

  1. Watching people from a distance and evaluating who they know followed by endless sucking up when someone knows nothing of you.
  2. Watching people from a distance connect with people they know and then you pretend to be friends with a person in order to gain access to their network. Oh I know Susie and you know you met her one time before at a random event.
  3. Meeting someone for the first time and plying them with 10,000 questions about where they work, where they attended university, and if they own a home (if so where) is inappropriate. This is not how you make a networking connection.
  4. Sticking out your hand and throwing a business card in someone’s face without establishing a connection prior to doing so.
  5. Believing without any education, skills, or experience in a particular career field some random stranger can recommend you for a job.

Networking is about building relations and relevance to one another. It is not sucking up to someone, insulting someone’s intelligence, and trying to “hustle” your way into a job. Passing a resume to an employer is passing part of your reputation with the recommendation. For someone to pass your resume to a hiring manager that person needs to know your character, background, history, and one’s suitability (credentials) for the career opportunity. Coming around, for lack of better terms, kissing up does not guarantee you an opportunity. While an “E” for effort can be granted as far as ambition and determination is concerned, you don’t win the prize.


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How to Network

How to Network

The effective way to network is to create an established relationship based on common interests and goals. It’s about creating a positive relationship, sharing information and tips to others thus showing you are willing to add to their career and life interests. It’s establishing your character, enjoying mutual events or conferences where you are able to truly connect. If 3-6-9 months down the line you need a career opportunity, reference, or assistance in your career then, and only then, would it be appropriate to reach out to your network for assistance. This allows someone to know your character, history, and have an idea of the person that is presented to them. Anyone is about to charm and create a persona will very little effort.

Have you ever been offended by people attempting to obtain jobs through you and/or network using you as an avenue to success?

Do you have tips of how to effectively networking to increase career and/or job opportunities?


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