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How Obama has failed this great country

Updated on October 5, 2013

President Obama has failed the United States of America!

Ok all you socialist wizards of question is why is the United States poverty level at an all time high, while the rest of the world has a lower standard of living than when he took office? The answer is he is an anit-capitalist, and doesn't know economic theory and how the world operates. Seems like the socialist who think they are advancing society have the answers...but it has NEVER worked in the history of the world!

I don't understand President Obama, well I do, it is all about control and bringing down a country who has graced the rest of the world with freedom, but that is another subject. Truly, anyone that has an understanding of how an economy works, would be trying something different at this time. But being a socialist will only bring you one thing...poverty for the masses or if not that extreme, fewer opportunities but with the PROMISE of a lower standard of living. The fallacy that a capitalistic system is corrupt, fails to take into account the human condition of corruption, so in socialism, we give up corruption in an open market, to PURE corruption in a political power grab!

Where did all the stimulus money go? Fact is, if we had the government of the United States stop all taxes for each individual in 2013...that would equal the gross tax receipts of the stimulus money spent on "creating jobs", which how much did each new job cost us? Try $374,000 per job according to the government's own congressional budget office CBO! What are we buying is the question? And that is the failure of allowing the government to try and create a job, when they have no idea of how job creation takes place! When Nancy Pelosi makes a statement that "every dollar spent by the government, creates three dollars of value", I am referring to her unemployment benefits comment.

She probably was looking at the velocity factor of money or M2 in the equation, but anytime the government provides this stimulus, it DOES NOT PRODUCE demand. And this is the confusion that many socialist believe is true, but mathematically is so convoluted that it is amazing the lack of pure common sense and theory of economic growth. And that is why socialism has always failed, and unfortunately the media and the current government under President Obama are out to exploit. When you hire a community organizer to lead your country, you are only going to get bitterness and an economic downturn, which is what you are witnessing right before your eyes.

I am not a fan of President Obama, because I think the president has a responsibility of holding the values of a country as a major task to the office. I have never heard President Obama make the statement that we are a country of hope, opportunity, and that we are going to show the world what America is all about. Instead it is always a statement of fairness and how the rich guy is stealing from the poor, and that is why we should all be poor...its the new norm! I really don't understand his logic, because his policies that have been tried many times in other countries, never help the people it was intended. If he TRULY wanted to help the minorities and the poor in this country, he would stand up for liberty and the honest truth of living your dreams that are in your heart and don't let anyone steal those dreams from you.

Those dreams begin with God and his love for mankind, because it is his will for you to prosper. As the nation moves away from this principle that God is all you need to believe in, and goes in the direction of government is your provider...what do you expect? The government is not going to ever be able to provide for you the way you can provide for yourself, by going after those dreams of becoming what God has in store for you. The government is what is going to hold you back, and that is what the intent is? What? Yes, the intent of socialism is to hold you back from living your dreams and having all the money and stuff that you desire, because then...that isn't fair!

Throughout the history of mankind, tyrannical rule is what socialism is really all about. Don't believe me, look at most of the countries of the world and tell me this isn't true. Cuba? Yeah, a tyrant really looking out for the people. Same thing with many nations in South America including else would you explain it? The mid-east? How is freedom and opportunity working there? Tyrannical rule is why America was born, it is the first country in the world that was created with a Christian Biblical right to be free, and it created more wealth than the world has ever known...and now we are trying to destroy it! America and the people of the country have the same DNA as any other soul on the face of the earth, what made it a superpower in less than 200 years? Freedom and capitalism...all you socialist cannot deny this, although you want to try and tell everyone it was by exploitation, the facts don't support what I am saying, is don't distort the facts with a comment, research the history of the world, especially the last 500 years and the economy of the world in the last 100 years and then get back to me.

So America is currently being the suckers of the world as we move forward to the sophistication of a socialist democracy. After this didn't work in Europe, or anywhere else in the world, we are going to try it ourselves under the guise of fairness??? I wonder what the real end game is for the media and what they are trying to gain by always slanting the news in favor of socialist government causes and Obama's agenda? The job of the media is to keep government honest, not to completely ignore the counterclaim of what is really going on here. The media has a lot of power, and the agenda for some reason is to try and create the feeling that socialism is the ideal economic theory, when if they questioned the theory with facts...they would conclude this is a convoluted way to dictate to society a losing proposition.

I challenge the reader who is an anti-capitalist to study the fact, and not some slant that is a distortion of reality. The proof is the history of the world, and where America grew to be a superpower in the shortest time of history. It is about freedom and limited government as the foundation, everything else fails the test. Capitalism IS the answer to opportunity AND the highest standard of living the world has ever seen. I really like it when a socialist tells me how great the system is, no poverty because everyone is equal...yet, there are more people living with less than the average American does in a capitalistic society, and we are supposed to be aspiring to this?

Think about that one folks!


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