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How Red Bull Advertises

Updated on April 15, 2015

Red Bull's Advertising

Advertising now days is crucial for a product to be successful. But are the companies telling the truth about their product? Or are they just buying the design, falling for the commercial, or getting it because everyone else does. What are people buying, the product or the advertising? Red Bull is one of these companies, withtheir slogan "Red Bull gives you wings", that is found everywhere. Their commercials are amazing, and their flashy can design pulls consumers towards buying a Red Bull over any other drink. (2013 World of Red Bull Commercial)

Red Bull has a couple slogans that stand out but do they really have anything to do with the product on the inside of the can? One of their slogans, “Vitalizes body and mind” (Hannich) is right in the center of the can. In George Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language” he talks about pretentious diction. Pretentious diction is when you take a very basic and easy sentence and make it seem like you are a lot smarter in what they are talking about. (Orwell) “Vitalizes body and mind” seems to be a pretentious diction because of the use of the word vitalize is rarely used by anyone. The definition of vitalizein the dictionary is “to endow with life; animate” and another “to make more lively or vigorous: invigorate”. (Vitalize) To endow with life is a pretty big statement for Red Bull to make about their energy drink. Another of their slogans is “Red Bull gives you wings”. It’s used in all of their commercials and it’s the first thing that pops into peoples’ head when they think of Red Bull. (2013 World of Red Bull Commercial) These slogans have no true meaning about the product that they are trying to sell. But these slogans make people want to buy their product.

Commercials are another big motivating factor in getting the consumers to buy the product. They use catchy phrases and imagery that makes consumers remember their product. Even though they don’t have catchy jingles, they still leave an impression on people to buy Red Bull. Red Bull has a commercial that has all sorts of thought provoking emotional grabbing stuff all jam packed into a minute segment. Not only does it include beautiful scenery, it has motivational quotes, amazing action sports athletes, and to top it off Felix Baumgartner at the end jumping from the stratosphere. (2013 World of Red Bull Commercial) But this whole commercial doesn’t tell people what makes Red Bull taste so good and stand out from all the other brands they can choose from. In the end it says “Welcome to the World of Red Bull”(2013 World of Red Bull Commercial). Does this mean if people drink Red Bull they will become amazing athletes? Commercials are becoming more about what famous people endorse, because consumers want to be just like their role model.

Consumers sometimes purchase things because of the brand name or the design that is on the product. Red Bull makes a good use out of making their product design catchy and current. The can has a metallic finish with the primary colors. With this it grabs peoples’ attentions and makes them buy Red Bull. The primary colors red, blue and yellow complement each other very well, while the neutral silver really makes these colors stand out. (Hannich) Who wants to buy a product that is bland and doesn’t have a name for itself? People don’t purchase things that aren’t brand name often, even though it is cheaper. People would buy Red Bull still even if there was something that had every ingredient exactly the same as Red Bull. Consumers want brand names not off brand things because it is cooler to have the real deal.

What really leads us to buy Red Bull? Is it because it tastes good or is it all of the smart marketing that the business has done to target the consumers.Slogans that are meaningless yet get stuck in consumers’ heads. Does Red Bull really vitalize the body and mind? No, it just makes people feel good because it gave them energy.Red Bull won’t give them wings, but it may make people feel like they are flying through the mounds of work that they have piled up. The commercials they produce have nothing to do with the liquid inside the can, only the pro athletes doing amazing stunts, and the amazing scenery. Drinking an energy drink one night will not allow you to become a pro athlete the next day. Product design is important to Red Bull also because consumers don’t want a bland product that doesn’t look cool. So is it really Red Bull that tastes good or is it their marketing team tricking the people to think it’s good?


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