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How Samsung Job Fair Affects the Manufacturing Companies in Austin

Updated on April 8, 2012

Samsung Job Fair Location

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A markerSamsung Blvd., Austin, Texas -
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B marker12100 Samsung Blvd., Austin, TX 78754, USA -
12100 Samsung Blvd, Austin, TX 78754, USA
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Location of the Job Fair in Austin


Samsung Semiconductor, one of the most advanced and the largest semiconductor fabrication plants in the world, performed very strongly for the two quarters, and was a more challenged for the next quarter of year 2010. They are hiring workers for its new design center for creating low-power advanced circuit designs for so-called systems on a chip, which can run smart phones and other portable devices.

Those are the sorts of chips that Samsung expects to be making in its $3.6 billion expanded plant, the "Samsung Giant Fab 2 complex". The project marks a big departure for Samsung, which has used its Austin operation to make memory chips for computers and consumer electronics products.

No wonder, they held the job fair and still hiring for experienced and mid-level technicians, designers and engineers for their expansion. The company said it expects the expansion to add about 500 jobs to its local employment by next year. That will bring the total to about 1,500.

This job fair is giving new hope for the Central Texas' semiconductor technicians and manufacturing engineers that lost their jobs due to recession that resulted to mass lay-offs last year 2009 from different manufacturing companies.

New jobs for Samsung means new sure job for the company like Applied Materials Inc. The company is adding regular full-time jobs in Austin for the first time in three years. They experienced big time losses in 2009 and seeing a turnaround for financial 2010 rising sales up to 76 percent in the first six months. Company spokesman Steve Taylor said Applied is responding to a strong rebound in global chip manufacturing, which continues to grow in strength.

Applied Materials, the largest maker of semiconductor manufacturing equipment said it is going to add more than 200 jobs over the next three months, of which more than 100 will be new full-time positions primarily involved in manufacturing and logistics. The remaining jobs will be for temporary contractors.

These giant manufacturing companies could be a big factor to change the employment rate starting the 3rd quarter this year. Since the 1st and 2nd quarter shows a boost for manufacturing jobs to bounce back later this year and trend will continue to prosper next year.

Austin is the place of the high-tech workers, and are dependent of those big and small high-tech companies. The question is how Samsung job fair affects the employment rate of the manufacturing companies? Well, if Samsung can still look for new designs to give more jobs to Austinites, how much more are the other big electronics companies. Will other Electronics companies allow Samsung to monopolize the new designs of electronics? And the mere thought that Samsung originated in South Korea, It could still give job to America, what will American born manufacturing companies can do for their motherland?


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    • World-Traveler profile image

      World-Traveler 6 years ago from USA

      I was amazed to see that there is a Samsung Blvd. in Texas. I mean Texas! That is fairly amazing. Very informative. Voted up!

    • minesgm profile image

      minesgm 6 years ago from Texas

      Samsung is really big here in Austin, they are one of the companies that contributed jobs here in Austin. Thanks World-Traveler for the nice comment.

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