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How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Pinterest

Updated on November 19, 2014

Pinterest is BIG and is Still Growing

Pinterest is said to have 70 million users worldwide, 45.6% hailing from the US. It has paved its way behind Twitter and Facebook. It’s undeniable that Pinterest has become a major player in the social media game. It is also the fastest site ever to reach 10 million monthly unique visitors back in 2012. Moreover Pinterest is continuing to become popular and grow larger.

Pinterest has a huge user base and provides enormous benefits from engaging audiences. Not a wonder than that many big businesses have plunged into employing the power of Pinterest. Now it’s time for small businesses to join the bandwagon and increase their website traffic, among the many other benefits.

Pictorial Rendezvous

Sales with Super Targeted Content

Targeted relevant content according to user demographics has made Pinterest boards a hit. Pinterest boards tailor your message to the right audience which prevents rest of your feed from receiving irrelevant messages. Pinterest boasts about lending more referral traffic as compared to YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ combined. It's capability to drive more revenue, more often, in contrast to all the other top social sites has added a feather to its cap.

Go Social

Pinterest – A Boon for Local Businesses

‘Places Pins’ on Pinterest allows you to create 'Places Board'. This has made local clients more powerful than ever. Following are the advantages it offers:

  1. Your client can pin about their city and the company.
  2. They can even invite other local companies to pin to the board. This helps increase reach.
  3. Your clients can also up their local SEO on Pinterest by using keywords specific to their locale in pins.
  4. Users hunting for local attractions have a greater chance of finding your clients pins and profile in their results.

Steps To Build Your Brand on Pinterest

Even if it seems intimidating for small businesses, they need to build brand image via social media. Let’s give a look into the elements that are necessary for the success of this almost zero- cost way of boosting sales and brand awareness.

Before You Pin

Pinterest’s Analytics Tools Let You to Find Your Targeted Audience to Increase Website Traffic with Qualified Leads
Pinterest’s Analytics Tools Let You to Find Your Targeted Audience to Increase Website Traffic with Qualified Leads | Source

1. Know Your Audience .........

Knowing what your viewers are interested in gives you a notion what to pin. By using both Pinterest’s analytics tools and a third party analytics you can find your targeted audience and know what are they searching on the web.

2. Your Content must Cater to User Needs

Make boards for things your audience loves or for the answers they seek. If you have solution to their problems, address them. This will increase your chances to engage users. Also, make boards centred on your company which may seem like the ideal place to pin all of your products and communication.

3. Keywords are Important

Keep in mind the keywords that are associated to the brand. For geo-targeting maintain a list of local search words. Search terms specific to the product or industry are also important.


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