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How Stupid is My Business?

Updated on November 22, 2011

Just finished reading The Millionaire Fastlane. Very interesting read. Lots of great ideas. One of the things that has made me think very hard was this quote, “build a business that solves a need on a massive scale.”

For the past thirty four years, I have been helping people save money on their taxes. All of the people who saved money were happy. The information and expertise offered definitely has value. However, does it solve a need? Do people “need” to save money on their taxes?

Do people gravitate towards what the “need”, or do they go towards what they “want”?

I have been pondering this in my head the last two days as well as thinking about what kind of product can I offer that solves a need on a massive scale. I also have been running about 100 ebay auctions selling my information on taxes. There are lots of looks. I average about 25 looks on each auction, but I have only sold to three people. I imagine that any guru would say that the market has spoken.

I was scrolling through Facebook today and I got sent another request that went like this, “ I'm trying to expand my Sheep Pen and could really use your help! You can give me more parts than anyone else! Could you send me a Nail?” My first thought was, I have plenty of nails to send you, but It would be better if I would send you a life!

My second thought cam after I looked at these statistics:

Vampire Lives - 310,000 people play this

Zombie Island - 1,800,000 people play this

Castle Ville - 9,200,000 people play this

Un bleepin believable!

I am beating my head against the wall trying to figure out how I can help the masses, when, in fact, the masses are all on Facebook in Zombieland! How stupid is my business?

My third thought was to get on Elance and put a bid out to build a game called “Sheeple” and run to the bank with a million dollars after it is downloaded a million times. Or, better yet, Happy Birds! That may not be as popular as Angry Birds, but hey! Could get at least 100,000 happy people out there!

That is my rant! What business should people be in today? It seems to me that a lot of people need to make money, need to save money, need to _______, but really do not want to do all of those things!

Maybe it is better to focus on what people want?

What do you think? Are you beating your head trying to find a business that you can make money in and help people? Make a comment! Tell me what you think!


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    • profile image

      Randy Fasig 6 years ago

      Do not try to solve the problems of the masses. You are right they behave like sheep, or birds. Solve the problem for those who are willing to allow you to help them and others will follow. It only took one bird to think if I fly to the tropics I will stay warm for the winter and have plenty of food. Look how many do it now. Good luck.