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How Survey Sites Can Be Time Killing

Updated on January 4, 2013

Time consuming surveys

Survey sites can be awfully time consuming. They let u believe that you are gonna get something big after completing their surveys but all you get will be a $5 shopping card after filling 50 surveys. Do not get attracted to the pop up messages which say "you are our 999,999th visitor. make sure to sign up and win $10,000". When you sign up, they make u select survey sites. You should once again sign up for each survey site you select and then enter into a draw which will of course include thousands of members. The chance of you winning is very less or none at all.

I once tried signing up in a survey site. I had to fill 30 minutes survey each time. After you spend 30 minutes and finish the survey, you will receive a message stating that you are not qualified to earn the maximum points and they credit you with just 10 points. All you finally get is frustration.

Another annoying factor is that these survey sites advertise that you could be a prize winner and they ask you for your address and phone number. They send you a confirmation message and ask you to reply if you want to stay in the competition. You lose around $3.00 when you reply.

The survey sites link can be seen even in Facebook these days. Thanks to Twitter, they don't have any such link. Social Networking sites and other frequently surfed sites like Facebook and Youtube have a lot of links popping up each time u sign in. Do not let them tempt you in any case.

When you sign up with your email ids, you start receiving all sort of spam mails and newsletters in your inbox which is not worth a dollar. Survey sites are definitely time killing and if you are wiser, please do not sign up or even open to read what is in it.


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    • Mathi Vathani profile image

      Mathivathani Sakthivel 4 years ago from brisbane

      Yeah true. There are actually a lot of disadvantages in it. I should probably update this hub soon and let more people know.

    • pitzele profile image

      pitzele 4 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Very important to get this message out to people! Surveys are also a great way to get infected by viruses (not all but definitely some).