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Making Money Online, Again!!

Updated on June 5, 2014

How To Make Money Online Again

How To make Money Online Again
How To make Money Online Again | Source

How to Make Money Online Again

How To Make Money Online Again?

We get frustrated that making money online just does not happen overnight, Is it hype? Solid business online is one of the hardest business’s to make cold hard cash. Advertising your business then marketing your business online. This will hopefully bring in customers. Then you advertise more and grow a few more people from your website traffic if done correctly.

Online traffic, is this key in building a profitable business on the net, I believe there are very few of us that will make it. The online advertising sign is up and running, yet our customers are slowly making their way into our business, very slowly, This , of course if your one in a million that makes a onetime article that just hits the public just right. You must make a solid impact for a longtime, or even the aging of time must be pro-active. The majority are struggling to make it work with keywords and ads to find different niches or ideas. The stream of new traffic, in to our doors can take time. Blog traffic is not free either, you have to spend time online and push traffic to your blog and your time is money.

Whether its time or money there is no free traffic that we are getting, the countless hours’ blogging and selling, using our skills to drive the herd our direction. There are scams that have taken my time or money and proven to be a waste, there is no such thing as fast cash. To be efficient you have to spend some time, and that means no money time. Hopefully you are prepared for the long haul and to do this selling part –time, I don’t see it. If so then great I am a bit slower than some and don’t catch on to traffic catching very fast..

I have written articles for company's and make a few bucks per week, and then I write for hub pages and make at least one or two articles a day, some quality, some not quality material. I get in too big of a rush for some reason; I have to remember that lines of traffic are coming, just not in my time. There is a company called, this is a great way to make a spare income, and the pay is “fair”, compared to in that they are high end SEO type of company that wants to pay cheap on most projects that I qualify for. This is not to put down, they have very high end writers and I am not,Maybe , it’s a waste of my money at this point in my life, later on maybe an asset.

Not much in the way of making money on the internet, as I see it, and have experienced it with the hubs and the 40 blogs, I have yet to see any real money, though I am seeing some activity from writers and people that may want to offer me to write on my blogger account,. I would have to say the internet is what you type it to be, if your experienced at writing as I am not, and a fast type, have a way with words, there is a place for you here. I will play alongside of the top dogs, and learn as much as I can where the money is on this article writing. You just keep doing it and someday as your numbers grow, your income will as well, My income is growing, so I would have to say yes you can make a living on the internet writing articles, is it easy, by far . It takes commitment, and for a man commitment is hard, just laughing, yet the commitment to stick with the writing is king. This is how to make money online, or one way of thought , be good at article writing or SEO work then you should get better.


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    • miscellanea profile image

      Tarik Aarbaoui 5 years ago from Morocco

      I like this !

    • profile image

      Ethan 5 years ago from Cambridge

      answering surveys and mystery shopping...

    • profile image

      Earn Money  6 years ago

      I earn money to my Pay Pal account each month just for building Squidoo Lenses.