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How The Escape of 7 Little Piggies With A Lot Of Cash Was The Best Marketing Promotion Mizzou's Campus Has Seen

Updated on June 8, 2016

During my Junior and Senior years at Mizzou, I worked as a Marketing Intern for a company called OrderUp (which is a food delivery service similar to GrubHub). My job consisted of doing guerilla marketing on campus to promote the service to students. My favorite promotion and the one that the students loved most was called "Bacon Bank". This is a promotion that OrderUp franchises came up with to really get the attention of students, and it worked.

Well, what better to get the attention of students than giving away large amounts of cash, right? That is what Bacon Bank did, and in a way that was entertaining for all and came with a bit of a challenge. To do this we, the marketing team, "let pigs free" (hid plastic piggy banks - hence the name "Bacon Bank") all over Mizzou's campus and sent students on a scavenger hunt to find them. Why would students want to chase plastic pigs around campus you ask? Because whoever found each pig first won cold hard cash. The cash prizes ranged anywhere from $20 to $100. That could buy you a lot of dollar bottles at the bar so people were not afraid to make a fool of themselves to win one of those pigs.

Our first order of business, of course, was to promote Bacon Bank to the students on campus so we would actually have participants when we hid the pigs. This proved a little harder than you'd think, though, because not too many people actually believed us when we would yell, "FREE CASH!". But, as we continued to hand out fliers to the students who would take them, and word got out, excitement grew on campus for the upcoming promotion.

Next order of business was to decide where to actually hide the pigs. After a little brainstorming, we decided that it would be fun to hide 7 pigs in each of the 7 spots where the "Mizzou Traditions" took place. These traditions were 7 tasks that students were supposed to complete before they graduate - from streaking The Quad to jumping into Tiger Fountain to kissing the 50 yard line. We found a way to incorporate these traditions and the spots they took place into the Bacon Bank promotion which made it even more special for the students.

After word got out and we decided on our hiding spots it was finally time to hide the pigs! We told students previously to follow us on all OrderUp social media accounts because this is where we would give out clues to the location of each pig. So, over the course of three days, we hid each pig, tweeted out clues, and waited for the students to find them.

As soon as the tweets went out, students began sprinting across campus from any and everywhere to find the pigs. Some co-eds even left in the middle of their classes! While hiding the pigs, the marketing team even had the pig-hunters teaming up and tailing them around all day just so they could get to the pig the quickest. It was a blast for everyone involved, there were both sad tears from the losers, and happy tears from the winners but everyone begged for another round of pigs as soon as the promotion was over.

This is a promotion that no one involved would ever forget. We got hundreds of participants, gave away lots of money to students, and accomplished our main goal which was spreading the word of OrderUp across the 30,000 student campus!

Would you participate in Bacon Bank if your local business put it on?

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