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How To Access The Silk Road Anonymous Free Market Marketplace

Updated on January 15, 2015
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Elton graduated from Common Sense University, is a father, artist and is currently featured on multiple blogs, sites and even edits a few.

The wildness of the Internet, as seen by most travelers of the information super highway, are well known, though, not well witnessed. Stories of people procuring human organs via the Internet or "hackers" selling credit card readers over the Internet are abound, but, the average Internet user rarely sees things like this first hand.

For the most part, stories and scenarios, like these, are passed around various media circles and read about by users who rarely venture beyond Facebook or eBay during their Internet travels. Still, the curiosity lingers in some, "Where do they sell this stuff?", "Where are these secret websites?", they ask themselves, often never finding a satisfactory answer to appease their wonder.

Certainly, a multitude of sites exist that hold scores of seedy, mischievous and very illegal information, dealings and otherwise. Though, to access them an average user would be opening themselves up to possible malevolence. So, with regards to the average user and his or her well being. Instead, perhaps simply to quell the curiosity, we might explore "The Silk Road", the deep web's version of eBay...more or less.

What is "The Silk Road"?

"The Silk Road", apart from the name used for a "network of interlinking trade routes across the Afro-Eurasian landmass that connected East, South, and Western Asia with the Mediterranean and European world, as well as parts of North and East Africa", it's also the name appropriated for a "free market" site buried in the "deep web". For all intents and purposes, this is the Silk Road I'll be referring to.

The web site, is labelled to be an unrestricted market with which patrons can buy a host of products not readily available in conventional markets. You can get almost anything there. The products range from knock off jewelry and electronics to machine guns...actual machine guns.


Buying on The Silk Road

Purchasing an item from "The Silk Road" is actually a tricky process and is meant to be. Participants in this "free market" like to remain anonymous and rightly so. The products sold on this site aren't exactly conventional.

Instead, purchases are made through third party sources and actual money is never exchanged. Instead, a conduit called "bit coin currency" are used to buy items, so, credit card information is never entered on the actual site. Because of this, transactions can't be tracked electronically, at least, not without great effort. The names of the sellers, buyers and even countries of origin are all kept confidential.


How do I access The Silk Road?

The Silk Road, naturally, is not easy to access. The people that ply their wares on the site aren't traditional shop keeps and don't play well with others, so, the site isn't easily accessed. Still, selling can't be done without customers, so, there is a way to view and buy from the site.

Accessing the site from a traditional browser isn't possible, as browsers store information (such as: passwords, cookies, etc.). They also make reading your computer's IP address (Your computer's address on the internet, from which your physical location can be extracted) fairly easy to a hacker. Hackers, of course, being a good portion of The Silk Road's clientele.

To circumvent this betrayal of location and vital information, you must access it using a specialized browser called Tor.

The Tor browser is a program, that uses complex algorithms, to mask a user's location and allows them to browse websites anonymously. There are settings in many popular browsers that claim to do just that or come close but, Tor is specifically made to disguise the user's location. "The idea is similar to using a twisty, hard-to-follow route in order to throw off somebody who is tailing you--then, periodically erasing your footprints."

Only after installing Tor can one browse The Silk Road site.

Where is The Silk Road?

Only after installing the Tor software and heeding ALL of it's warnings, the Silk Road is accessible.

Obviously, the difficulty of finding the site is beyond the reach of some internet users and is meant to be. Not all of what is sold on the Silk Road is illegal, though largely, a lot of it is classified as illegal. The site's address is markedly hidden, though, pretty easy to find. The URL changes from time to time, it's new incarnation is this. Or...for the less tech savvy, you can copy and paste this:


into the TOR browser.

Why You Shouldn't...

Free, anonymous markets are a great thing. It allows everyone to shop in peace, without judgement or persecution for what they choose to buy. Knowing you can get what you want, at a reasonable price without society or government intrusion. The Silk Road however it may claim it, is not that kind of market place.

It is a market peopled by those trying to profit from illegal goods. Purchasing such items from the Silk Road will land you in jail, just as any other illegal purchase would. The legal ramifications may even be amplified, in certain instances, to include larger than usual jail sentences due to federal jurisdictions and such.

It's patrons are also disguised and anonymous. This often hides their motives along with their identities in some cases. Whether a person is merely trying to sell goods or is after something else is never clear. In choosing to buy goods from Silk Road, the user takes responsibility into their own hands, be it opening one's self up to cyber attacks or a lengthy jail sentence. The choice to visit The Silk Road is the user's alone. Be cautious.

For Those Interested In More...

An Update of sorts...

Since this Hub was created, a number of events concerning The Silk Road have occurred, many of which have been in the news. The result, of course, is the first incarnation of The Silk Road being shut down.

The Internet, however, is eternally resilient it would seem. The Silk Road is back and humming along, much to the befuddlement of the authorities. Regardless of trials, arraignments and investigations, denizens of both the Internet and the world at large will always strive for a free market solution with which to operate anonymously, without judgement.


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      Destini 3 years ago


    • profile image

      Kenny Scott 3 years ago

      Add Your C. How

      Do I get to the Silk Road?

    • profile image

      BOQT 4 years ago

      No its not close and its still working perfectly

    • profile image

      TSM 4 years ago

      I can not even get to the login page. So if I could get there, I would be happy, but if it's closed, many people lost a lot of Money in Bitcoins!

    • PDXBuys profile image

      PDXBuys 4 years ago from Oregon

      The Silk Road seems like Craigslist on steroids - almost anything goes. They do use an anonymous currency called "bitcoins". Wired magazine reports that the FBI is concerned about the use of bitcoins for money laundering and other illegal activities. The sale of illegal drugs and weapons on The Silk Road make it an ideal marketplace for criminals and would-be terrorists. Since "no one" is in charge, no one is taking any responsibility for it. I have a feeling all of this will be in the news again in the near future.