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How To Advertise Your Australian Business Website For Free

Updated on November 17, 2014
How to advertise your website for free in Australia
How to advertise your website for free in Australia

Promoting Your Australian Business Online

Although getting on the internet looks as simple as creating a website or Facebook page, many people don't realise that it takes more than that to promote their business and get seen online.

To be seen on the internet, you need traffic from one of two main sources - search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) or social media sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)

There are millions of Websites on the internet, a large number of which never get any views from search engines or social media.

Unfortunately many websites charge hundreds of dollars to advertise your website or place your website in search results - and often these are hundreds of dollars wasted on things you can easily do yourself for free.

Below you'll find an in depth guide to many of the ways you can advertise and promote your Australian website and increase traffic.

Blogs And Forums


Sign up for niche forums relating to your topic or region. Add in links to your website in your signature and/or profile and start interacting.


Visit blogs on sites like Follow-List and leave quality comments using your website address. You can also approach blogs who write on the topic your selling and offer to write them an article or post in exchange for a link back to your website.

Social Media - Get Seen On Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook

There are two ways to get traffic from social media websites:

Add social media buttons to your website.

You can add Pin, Like, Tweet, Stumble and lots of other buttons onto your site, so visitors can share your products directly with their social networks.

Start a business page on social media sites.

Start your own business page (on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus) or a business account (on sites like Twitter.) You can also automate updates, and link your website and social sites so updates on one site automatically get published on others.

Free Australian Directories

Australia has hundreds of free directories where you can list your business. Many are general, some are based around certain regional areas and others are related to niche markets and businesses. Directory listings show up in search engines too, so list your business on as many as you can find.


Make your own video, use an advertising video you've already got or get someone on a site like Fiverr to make one for you.

Something funny, unique or informative is the way to go - a bland and boring "buy this" video won't cut it - or get views. Watch some Youtube videos that have high traffic - see what makes them funny, interesting and shareable and use that for inspiration.

Online Marketplaces

Ever heard the saying "Don't keep all your eggs in one basket"? This certainly applies online. If you only have one source of sales or traffic, if you lose that source, you may be right back where you started.

Widen your horizons and sell on a range of resale sites. It's a great way to get your product in front of a bigger audience and get your name out there.

Mailing Lists

Subscription email lists are a great way to keep previous visitors coming back for more. Sign up for a free site like Mailchimp to start building your list. You can add a subscription signup option to all site signups, add a "subscribe here" to your website sidebar or promote it on social media sites.

Once you have a reasonable sized list, send out regular updates about new products or things of interest to your list. Just remember to not spam your list and keep the updates down to 2-4 a week at most.

Press Releases

Although not as popular as they once were, there are still many Australian sites you can send them out too, as well as your local newspapers or magazines - see if there are any underground or school newspapers who are interested too.

You can also send out press release and product samples to niche bloggers online, who may be able to write a favorable review with a link back to your website.

Do a Competition Or Giveaway

A great way to get more people visiting your site, noticing your products and filling your subscription email list is by having a giveaway or competition. Offer your products or services as a prize based on conditions - such as following your social media pages or adding their email address to your subscription list.

There are plenty of sites that will advertise your online competition, so submit to a few to get more entries and interest.

Just remember that some states of Australia require permits for random pick competitions, and some social media sites (such as Facebook) have rules about how or where you can run your competition.

Banner Exchanges

Find another site on a similar topic (either online or through business networking) that isn't in direct competition with you. See if they'll exchange banners with your site - you place yours on their site, they place one on yours.

Note: Avoid paid traffic, link exchanges or unofficial paid social media links or shoutouts as you can get in trouble for these.

Promoting Your Website Online

The options discussed are definitely the most commonly used outside of the creation of your website itself, and use of social media websites such as Facebook. More importantly they provide you with free options.

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