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How To Be A Time Master?

Updated on March 21, 2015

Mismanaging time is mismanaging your life

Manage time your before it is eaten by procrastination!

In my previous article I wrote about overcoming procrastination because it is a thief of time, it eats your future slowly but surely. It is a disease that needs to be overcome. Therefore, the misuse of time is the misuse of life. Failure to manage time is failure to manage yourself. How you manage your time is a measure of how you manage yourself.

Time is money! That is very true. All the money you have ever made, was made in a space of time. If money is made in a space of time, then mismanaging time is mismanaging your money.

Donald Triumph once said if I have an appointment with someone and that person is one minute late; then the deal is off. You see, mismanaging time destroys personal and profitable relationships.

You can learn to manage time

Like all skills, time management is a skill you can learn. Those who manage time do not carry genes of time management – they simply learned the skill of managing time.

It takes a good deal of time, effort and discipline to develop good time management habits, but once you have developed them, they will serve you for the rest of your life.

Your ability to manage time is one of the critical skills for personal and business success. All successful people are described as being very well organized. Successful people get more and with less energy and effort than unsuccessful people.

Here are some timeless thoughts about time – embrace them and cultivate them in your life and see yourself mastering your world.

It’s not how many hours you put in, but it’s how much you put in your hours that really count.

  • Successful people put into one hour what failure put into a week.

The worst use of time is to do well what you ought not to do all.

  • Not everything that can be done must be done.

Spend most of your time on high value tasks, and delegate your low value tasks

  • Your high value tasks are those for which you are paid more – or those that bring greater returns.

Use your most productive time on your creative tasks

  • Your productive time is that time of the day when you are more fruitful –spend this time creating, and spend your less productive time on maintenance tasks.

Time management is first attitudinal.

The right attitude toward time is key to successful use of time management knowledge, skills, techniques and tools.

Therefore, manage your time well and achieve greatness.


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