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How to Become a Good Bartender and Earn Good Cash - Learn Bartender Tips That Pays Bills

Updated on March 10, 2014

Becoming A Bartender For Extra Income

Need money yesterday? There are many reasons why we need to have cash fast and waiting until we get retrained can take a long time and put us further into debt. Bar-tendering is the one few trades you can learn that will put cash in your pockets in the quickest amount of time.

It will take you to get around a learning curve and hours on your feet but the money you will make and the piece of mind you will have when paying your bills will be worth it. The most important thing to remember is after you learn the structure of a bar set-up, it never changes.A professional bartender can go to any bar set-up and get comfortable the same day.

  1. Bar Set-up is basically universal.
  2. Have your own basic supplies.
  3. Always smile when serving every drink.
  4. Don't sweat what you don't remember the customer will tell you how they like their drink.
  5. Learn how to set-up and close-up.

How become a bartender is more than learning a few drinks. You have to learn your way around a bar. You will have to learn how to use the tools needed to successfully pour, mix and serve your drinks. Not only that you will have to know your liquor.

You will have to learn what glasses to pour certain drinks in and how to garnish them. You will surely upset a person by serving their regular drink in the wrong glass or they will be very happy if it is a larger glass. Although the boss will be very upset.

Bartending Supplies

Here are some of the supplies you will have to get used to working with in order to be a successful bartender. They may not seem familiar at first but will later on. Some you will find will be invaluable like the jigger.

  • Jigger - To measure ingredients
  • Cocktail Shakers - To mix and combine liqueurs.
  • Corkscrews - Cork remover.
  • Cocktail Strainer - Separate ice from drinks.
  • Muddlers - Blend drinks, mash and grind ingredients.

Learn From Bartending Classes Online

Learning how to bartend from an online class can save you money and time. You may not get a real life experience but if you practice your new skills at home diligently, you will interview with confidence.

  • Study drink recipes and watching "How To" video's like YouTube and EHow for instructions.
  • Buy tools and practice at home to be able to use comfortably when interviewing for a job.
  • Work as a bar back and work your way up.
  • Take online course. (Paid or free bartending courses)

Becoming a bartender can be just the relief you could use for financial or sedentary living. There are so many people that are well off that bartend just to meet new people and have stimulating conversations.

How to Become a Good Bartender and Make Good Money by "Jimmy the Bartender"

How to Make Great Bartender Tips

You can earn more tips by letting the customer feel as if they are the main attraction and you are their host/ess.

  1. Always be pleasant and remember your regulars.
  2. Clean, smile between serving and collecting money.
  3. Make your garnishes in advance to adorn their drinks.
  4. Acknowledge customers happily as they come in the door.
  5. Always have special drinks in mind for unsure customers.

Costs Of Bartender Schools vs Online Bartender Classes

The cost of learning bartender skills can be as small $49.99 up for online courses or $299 up for a off line classes along with food and travel expenses.

These training courses normally will allow you to refresh for free after your graduate as well as supply you with job opportunities.

Bartending Benefits

  • Fun
  • Great Pay
  • Flexible hours
  • Interesting People
  • Ability to freelance.

Bartending is the choice of many that are financing their own college education or raising a family. The flexibility of the job as well as the tips are some of the main reasons for this career move.

Today bartender are making more money than college graduates and never have to worry about finding a job.

If this is the choice for you begin studing those drinks and memorize the glasses and tools you will be using. Don't worry everything new seems intimidating but practice, practice, and more practice will make for perfection in getting your new Bartending Career a good beginning.

Becoming a bartender is something people of all levels of society have done to finance college, family, or other expenses. Becoming a bartender can become a prestigious job, it's up to you. Your bartender journey begins after you completed a bartenders course and you know what type of bartender you want to become. Good Luck


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