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How To Become Famous

Updated on December 6, 2009

About Becoming Famous

Becoming famous is one of the most well know ways of making money. Over the years, famous people have made millions of dollars by selling books, albums, clothes, seminars, and all kinds of products that carry their name.

Despite this, many people think that they are not prepared to become famous themselves. It is like a gift and at the same time a curse that many people are not prepared to receive. Many of the expectations about being famous, however, are not based on fact but on suggestions based on a few bad cases.

The Link Between Knowing and Becoming Famous

Most of the reservations we have about becoming famous have to do with being accepted by others. It is a mix of fear of rejection with fear of the work it would take to become really famous. In reality, we fear the need of being liked by others. We also fear that people will in turn reject us in some way (by public or private means).

The reality about fame is a little different. It is very rare that you don't like someone that you spent some time knowing about. When you don't like a famous person, it is basically because you initially found something you didn't like and then you decided to stop knowing about that person.

If, in the other hand, you had for some reason continued to explore the personality of that person you would end up liking him, because everyone has something in common and the reason we are attracted to people is that we have things in common with them.

Rooting for the Underdog

There is another basic fact about human nature: we like the success of people with which we identify. For example, that is why people root for the underdog; they see the success of a small team as a possibility for their own success. This is a natural phenomenon that creates celebrities.

However, in order to make someone famous, it is necessary to have some way for average people to get information about the celebrity. This is the mechanism that allows the audience to become familiar with a star, until he or she becomes almost like "someone if the family".

So, if you want to become a celebrity, you need first to get over the fear. Then, you just need to find some way to people to know you, until they love you. Clearly, making people know you is the hard part, and it is the reason why the most popular people are the ones appearing on TV and movies, including actors, singers, and sports people.


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