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How To Take Action: What Motivates Us To Do Things

Updated on January 12, 2013

What Motivates Us?

Many people wonder how to become motivated. What motivates us to take action and do things? Are there reasons why some people are driven to do certain things more than others? The following article examines some facts about methods used to become motivated.

Become Motivated

People become motivated because of a variety of reasons but in general there seem to be four different reasons. The first is because they clearly have something to gain. Reason two is that they clearly have something to lose. The third is that someone or something is consistently prompting them to do something and the fourth reason is because of the way a particular activity or task makes them feel. What are some examples then of how individuals become or stay motivated?

People may not always want to do what they're doing in terms of a job but they continue to go to work each day because they clearly have something to gain from it. A pay check is their reward. The money is what motivates the person to keep going back to work. In this example, the person has something to gain. A person who may be in trouble with the law finds out that if he/she does not abide by the consequences set forth then he/she will go to jail. The person is much more motivated to pay fines to avoid the consequence of going to jail. This is an example of being motivated by having something to lose.

There are people around who are good at motivating others to do something. Often times, these people are teachers or parents. Young people do not always know the benefits of completing certain tasks. Older, more mature individuals have a better idea about these things. Therefore, young people can be easily motivated by others telling them what and why they should do specific things.

And finally, motivation often occurs because the tasks involved feel good. This could be good or bad. In terms of exercise for example, someone may continue to be motivated to run each morning because they like the feeling it gives them. They feel healthy and strong and continue because they like it. On the other hand, someone who drinks too much is driven to keep drinking because they like the feeling of being drunk. It makes them feel good.

Motivation is not something that people just possess or do not possess. The drive to do a particular thing is there due to a reason. Sometimes people will ask why some are more motivated than others. This answer is difficult because, all people possess their own unique, individual likes, dislikes and preferences. Personality comes into play here and some people just have more energy and drive than others. Really becoming motivated to do something may not be so difficult if a person can really figure out what they will gain from the experience.

Sometimes, it may become hard to stay motivated. It’s possible that knowing what is going to be gained or lost isn’t enough. What once felt good about completing a task may no longer feels the same. That’s when it may be time to readjust. Are there new ideas and other things that are beginning to be of more importance? Just because something motivated us at one time does not mean it will always be that way. Goals change, interests change and lives change on a regular basis.

In conclusion, whatever it is that a person is being driven to do at a particular time, the reasons behind it will almost always include one of the four main reasons mentioned in this article. A person must have something to gain, something to lose, someone or something prompting them or, will be motivated because whatever they are doing makes them feel good.



How To Become Motivated


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