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How To Become The Best Manager In Your Company?

Updated on January 23, 2016

How To Become The Best Manager In Your Company

Best Manager always get attention purely
Best Manager always get attention purely
People respect to a leader
People respect to a leader
Face To Face
Face To Face
Reprimand if they false
Reprimand if they false

How To Become The Best Manager In Your Company

Become The Best Manager

Hello all, today I want to share how to become a good manager in your current company. Many people can become what they want just because they never stop, but more than it many people lose with their mood to keep fight and keep the spirit to be what they want and More and more than it many people don’t know what they want, they just flow with this life so there is no purpose of life. What kind of you from all kinds? if you are the third, so firstly you have to know yourself then what you like what you dislike after that make decision what life you will living for, don’t make decision which you never like, because most of people arrogant to make decision just because they want do what they never do, I think that isn’t purpose of life, that is just personal seeker, many ego from them to be satisfy. Are you the second? don’t worry about the spirit will drop anytime, don’t worry about the mood will drop anytime, all you need is supporting from your partner, may be come from your family or your friends. Because the success people never stand alone. you need them to make you achieve what you want, so if you are in the high place you will remember that you build your success not alone then still humble. If you are the first, so there no problem with you, you just control yourself to keep your success even more than success, how it come be? with your low profile. Peoples love who humble and low profile, don’t too much in fashion, don’t too much in manner. Be like usual but still improve your skill and spirit.

After you know about all the things of kind of peoples up there, what is the relation with manager? Manager is people have skill manage peoples, budget, company, system and all what in his around. If manager cannot manage himself, so he never able to manage the others. So, why I explain become people who have purpose of life and keep spirit firstly. become the best manager the first skill you have to expert is leadership. By good leadership you can affecting people and drive them to the objective of company. Then you have to skill control, with tight control but don’t make them wroth is very powerful to make them do what they have to do. after that you have to skill communication, with good communication between you and subordinate or you and top management will build you best image in company.


Become manager is become a leader. Leadership is skill to manage, affect and improve people you lead. Remember, first is manage then affect then you have to improve them. Manage means you need to arrange peoples in their job desk right to their skill or quality. when people get their place suitable with their skill, they will very happy in all their job desk, but if they are not suitable with they skill, it will take more time to adaptation for new job desk, it is not bad, but take more time it means they considering and wroth to make decision to continue or give up. So there is a risk in your management.

Affecting people is grade of second from leadership skill. You can affect people if you have great integrity. So, what you say is what you do, what you do is what you say, that is the integrity. If you do what you bans before, you don’t have integrity. After peoples look you do what you say yourself so they will know if what you do is important. They will follow you to do what you do, then if you give the order to them they will listening you and do it without pressure.

Improve them, you will become success leader if your subordinates success too. Improve their skill, improve their attitude, improve their mood, improve their position then you will grow up and go up your happiness and career. Most of leader become jealously with peoples who going up in their career, especially if they already in the same positions. You must happy and proud with people you lead who can be more than of you, because that is the humble.


Control is part very important in build system, solid team and get target. When you be a leader, all eyes will watching you and ready to get the instructions. But, after they know your instruction they will do with their perception, there are also ignore your instruction, because they are feel out. With this situation you have to firm in control, to straight the crooked and to make the protester keep the way in your instruction. So, will be there a system which going to arrange all that kind of people and keep them in the right way.

Which great control you can build a solid team, because they are feel be treated fair. So, when each control you do for person to person, they feel comfort and you can give some motivation for each personal in team. Very good for leader can recognize person in team personally, you will know the strong and weak each personal. When each person can trust you as his leader, you can control him then you bring the fair in team. That’s why your team will be solid, every people inside be treated same.

Control also bring you get achievement in target. Because, control make your team focus to the target and everyday give team intake motivation. Don’t lost you control even one person, because your target is team target, every person in team is need motivation to focus everyday for keeping their spirit and mood. Support which build confidence in each person can bring him to achieve target, you can give it in your control system.


Off course people know that communication is very important especially in leading. Communication just not about good speaking but also about timing and handling refutation public. If you have it all, you are fulfill standard communication as a leader. Good speaking it means you can speak smooth and your word arrange precise and definite. You need to have encourage yourself to speak up as a train yourself in small group. Often you train speak up with precise and definite you will get feeling and habit to speak smooth. If you can speak smooth in under pressure, you will can handle public situation.

Timing is momentum, when you know the right time to speak and the right to tell, you will get attention of public and also they will hear you in focus. So, how to know if you are the right time and the right place? when peoples around you wrong to tell something and you know the truth moreover you have the proof, that is the right to speak the truth, if your subordinates get wrong and you see his get bad feeling because something outside company, the right place is the room while you and him get face to face for speaking. It is just simple example to know the momentum, for the advance you need to train yourself and read book about public speaking there area a lot of example right time and right place to speak up.

Refutation public means you can handle the crooked story which can be big issue, if you late it can be the truth in peoples for temporary. It can be mean between you and your leader, when you got trouble with your subordinate you can tell all story to your leader, you have to keep several story which private, and you must diplomacy to create conducive situation. In public also you need to diplomacy to create it. Communication skill is the bridge between you and your success to be best manager.

© 2016 Uciha Networker


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