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How To Bid For A Lawn Care Job "Like A Boss."

Updated on May 4, 2011
Estimating a lawn care job LIKE A BOSS
Estimating a lawn care job LIKE A BOSS

I ain't boring.

far from it.. I think?

In life you can dribble and drag your feet. Basically be an all round bore.

What the hell has this all got to do with pricing a lawn care business bid? Well if you hold on to your hot little seat just a wee bit longer I will explain.

You see you can bid for a lawn care job just like every other lawn business. And that way you can asure yourself that you will be just like them.

An Average.



Good for nothing business.

Wait. What? You don't want to be another crappy lawn business. That's cool. That's cool. Nobody does really. They just don't bother trying things different.

So first of all, lets see how normal people bid for a job.

The first thing to do is work out how long it takes on average to mow one square yard. How do you do that? Start off with your own front lawn. Measure the total area. Put on your "BIg Boy' boots and get ready to mow your little butt of.

TIme how long it takes to mow.

Divide the total time by the number of square yards.

Congratulations my friend. You now know how long it takes on average to mow a square yard. It is your magic number. Now when you are bidding a job you only need to mesure the area and multiply it by your magic number.


This is a good indication of how long the job will take. Decide how much money you want to earn per minute and now you have got your bidding price all sorted out... COOL HUH?

Don't forget to add time for travel, edging, obstacles and anything else that will make your job harder.

And now ladys and gentlemen, it is time to see...

How You Can Bid A Lawn Care Job.. LIKE A BOSS!


So you have learnt the SISSY way to bid. Lets forget that and learn how to bid.. LIKE A BOSS.

Drum roll please. BRRRRRBBBRRRRRR.

Offer to mow their lawn for free.

WHAT? Are you crazy?

Well um.. YES.

Thats right you heard me. Not only is it the most accurate way to work out how long a job will take but it is the quickest way to build up a huge business.

Other lawn care guys are to wussy to do such a thing. They feel like they will get ripped off. Trust me, you won't. Instead you will stand out from the crowd. People will trust you instantly. You win bid after bid after bid.

Now I know there will be some people out there who won't be able to bring themselves to this and that's good. 


It means only a few of us will be ahead of the pack. We will be ahead in our lawn care business plan

We will be the ones running our business's... LIKE A BOSS.


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    • profile image

      jasontoheal 5 years ago

      i love it. good stuff.

    • LawnCareForum profile image

      LawnCareForum 5 years ago

      If I can add a thought, keep in touch with your local competitors. Either by talking with them or watching their websites or craigslist posts. From these contacts you will be able to keep abreast of the local average going rate for lawn care. Once you know the going rate, you can see where your price compares to theirs.

      Early on you want to be more on the low end but as you have been in business longer, you can raise your prices because your service quality will improve.

      There is a lot more reading you can do on this topic at