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How To Boost Conversion Rate

Updated on June 17, 2009
How To Boost Conversion Rate?
How To Boost Conversion Rate?

As an online marketer, to make a successful marketing, we have to do couple of things:

  • Find a niche
  • Create a keyword list group
  • Do a niche competitiveness research
  • Find a product or a service to be affiliated with.
  • Try to understand the cons and pros of the product you are to promote
  • Build landing pages.
  • Start an ad campaign.
  • Monitor the conversion rate and cost to adjust from time to time

How To Boost Conversion Rate?

Process of COnversion
Process of COnversion

Process of Conversion

 Seen from the picture above, we learned the basic process of conversion.

  • Attract Visitors

This is the first important thing, without traffic, it's unnecessary to talk about conversion rate.

For PPC:That's all about writing a good ad copy & having a nice Quality Score for your Landing Pages.

Advanced PPC Strategies

For SEO:That's all about gaining a nice rank on search engine's searching result for the chosen keyword you've worked on.

Advanced SEO Strategies

Would You Really Like to Buy What You Are Promoting?

See results

Grab Visitor's Soul

  • Convert Visitors into Customers

Why they choose to visit your webpage? Because they're interested in your ad or the summary of Google's Search Result.

If you're a visitor attracted by an ad, and you click on the link, what are you expectations?

Yes! I expect directly what I need.

That's just what you need to focus.

Provide what they need, telling the cons and pros, using honest words.

If this product or service did attract yourself, it's worth recommending to others. Or else, forget about it.

Visitors only love honest words with specific descriptions.

This is the secret to Grab Visitor's Soul.

Think Like Your Customer
Think Like Your Customer

Think Like Your Customer

 As a customer, what is your common procedure of buying a product?

  1. Feel a need about a niche
  2. Search that niche on Google
  3. Click on Adwords Ads and Organic Search Results.
  4. Study the articles about that niche.Learn the Cons and Pros.
  5. Search again for product comparison and reviews.
  6. Target a product with a certain brand/make.
  7. Search the product with a brand name comparing with the price and after sale service.
  8. Buy the product.

Have You Figured Out the Best Way to Boost Conversion Rate?

Just Read on.

Smart Ways to Boost Conversion Rate
Smart Ways to Boost Conversion Rate

Smart Ways to Boost Conversion Rate

Since smart customers will usually use the process I described above to complete a purchase, we can work an efficient way to boost conversion rate.

  • Build a Landing Page with Rich Content including almost everything the customer needs to know.(seemingly difficult.)
  • Just Promote Popular Niche Products with brand names.
  • Build a reviewing landing page of comparison of different products for a chosen niche.

Why? The smart customers must have done enough research before search for the specific product with brand names, you can just PPC or SEO for this to grab the most targeted traffic to your landing page. 

Let's Discuz it.

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