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How To Create A Successful Advertising Plan

Updated on June 4, 2010

Advertising Plans

Create an advertising plan.    Image source -
Create an advertising plan. Image source -

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Create A Successful Advertising Plan

An advertising plan is an essential tool for working out all of your key pieces of advertising that you want to create and what each part of your advertising will cost, if any, because there are such things as free advertising and this can be planned well in advance.

Within any advertisement, the sales message has to be aimed at the point of view of the customer and has to really benefit them in some way, so it does have to impress them, but also be of use that they will stay interested right through the full advertisement and also have trust in the company that what they sell will deliver on what it promises

You need to refine your advert, so that it won't be boring to the customer, think of the short TV ads that help to convey a message with a few short lines and a memorable tune, sometimes with TV adverts you remember a catchphrase and you don't necessarily know what's been advertised straight away and that's the beauty of TV advertising.

Shorter ads are usually best and can consist of anything from a quick mail shot (to which are quite hard to do now, what with the Internet!) to a youtube video review, anything that gets straight to what is being advertised, a quick look at the customer benefits and also the title of the ad which could directly explain the season of product and the exact product name to narrow it down for those who know what they are looking for, it's no use putting up a sign in a clothes shop that reads Clothes For Sale, because that doesn't advertise very effectively.

Instead you would want seperate advertising that would target specific customer areas like "Womens Spaghetti Tops For Summer" this brings out the customer in us and it labels the product easily for us to make a decision to buy, of course that would be aimed at women, but you get the idea with clear and marketable adverts.

Brand recognition makes it far easier to build a companies reputation and so you are building up the customers trust and also building relationships with new and existing customers too with advertisements that are quite stable in a market that accepts them. Sales are always good opportunities to gain new sales and purchases and these should be worked into your advertising campaigns throughout the year on a seasonal basis too to account for the holidays.

By understanding your competitors advertising you will be able to tailor your campaigns to out do theirs with a clever bit of marketing and planning beforehand, you never want to imitate the competitor as this would look bad, always be innovative in your advertising approach

Online advertising is very popular now on the Internet and so it is recommended tat if you have an offline business that you do start to do a good bulk of the advertising online, as it is fairly low cost if you know what to do to promote a simple website online or blog, just plan everything right down to the small details and you'll be alright.

Successful Advertising Plan

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