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How To Create The Best Subject Line That Can Get You Hired

Updated on September 20, 2015

If you are using the internet as a means of applying for a job, then you need to create a great subject line that will grab the attention of the reader and make them want to read your email.

Your subject line must not be boring and must do its job to make the hiring manager want to click and open your email. Just try to avoid the mistakes of others, which we will discuss later. But now let us start with the steps.

1. Be sure to make your headline catchy.

Create a headline that is catchy but not too salesy. People don’t want to be sales talked and don’t want to read sentences that are common. You need to think a catchy headline that will solve the problem of the hiring manager. If they are looking for a specific employee, offer them that exact expertise that they need once you start writing your subject line.

2. Don’t digress. Get to the point.

As I’ve said, if they look for a specific employee, for example: "secretary", offer them that exact skills that they need. Write it in your subject line. If they said they need a welder with 3 years experience, write directly in your subject line: "Applying as welder with 3 years experience". It’s catchy and direct to the point. It makes them want to hire you.

3. Be polite in writing your email

The foundation of a good letter is showing them that you are polite and not as arrogant as others, even if you know that you have all the skills that not all people have. Be courteous in your email and remember to start and end your email as polite as you can. It shows your professionalism in your words.

4. Personalize your letter.

If you know the name of the hiring manager or the person that will interview you, it is better to use his or her name in the subject line. This will prompt them to open the mail and want to know what’s written inside.

5. Emphasize the benefit of opening your email.

People read messages if it answers their needs, or if it can answer the question in their mind: "What’s in it for me". If you can point out a clear benefit and include it in your subject line, chances are your email will get read all the time. Tell them what’s inside in your email so that it will not waste their time guessing what they are going to expect in your email.

6. Double check your grammar and spelling.

Remember to always check and recheck your grammar and spelling whenever you are writing your mail. It saves you a lot of embarrassing words that can be a negative remark to the hiring manager.

7. The hiring manager is not your friend.

Remember that even if you know personally the hiring manager, he or she is going to be your future boss. So you better start treating him or her as a boss. Saying "Hi" in your subject line is going to be ignored 100%.

The subject line of your message is a defining factor on how you can get noticed and your email to get opened. Remember to keep it interesting and get their attention so that they’ll get the urgency to open your message.

If you can find a way to personalize you message, do so. It makes you different from the normal applicants. Also, do not commit the same mistake as others do. Learn from them and apply a better version for yourself.

If you can put together a successful message with the subject line patterned to this guideline, you’ll have a better chance of getting noticed and also the possibility of getting hired. If you want to add more into this, write it in the comment below.


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