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How To Create Time Instead of Manage Time

Updated on September 12, 2014

Time Management and You

What does Grant Cardone a New York Times best selling author have to say about time management?

Every day people are plagued with how to find more time in the day. They don't even come close to finishing their to-do list. Searching for time management techniques, skills, tips, and even training.

This time management article will be a little different. We're going to change how we see time.

The concept of time management is something of a misnomer. One thing's for sure, as you'll see in Grant Rant 108 below, Grant Cardone has never EVER agreed with the concept of time management.

Perhaps it's a myth?

In the video below, Grant asks the question: "Why would anyone want to manage time?"

The reality is, you do not want to manage time. You want to produce! You want to be highly productive. You want to squeeze time. You literally want to take time and turn 60 minutes into three hours worth of production. That's the different way of thinking that you need today. Do not "manage time" rather create time.

Does that make since to you? How can you see yourself creating time? For some it may seem nearly impossible.

So let's talk about what kind of tricks are out there for managing time.

Take a look at Alan Greenspan. In the video, Grant tells us about a lesson Alan learned from him roommate's dad while he was in college. This lesson became a habit that Mr. Greenspan winds up using for the rest of his life.

This little, simple idea is to split your day into 15 minute blocks or segments of time.

Basically, think with every 15 minutes I have something to do. Now I need to fill up the next 15 minutes, the next, and so on.

This is something that Grant really likes. Keep in mind that the number one reason Alan Greenspan used this trick is because he "didn't like white space on his calendar." He knew that white space was a problem because white space (nothing in that 15 minutes) is quite literally a waste of time.

So with that being said, before you start thinking about just "managing" time first you need to recognize what you're currently doing with it and how truly valuable it really is.

Create Time, Don't Manage It


#1. Inventory Wasteful Activities

This is one way a person can immediately begin to start creating create time instead of trying to manage it.

What would be effective for you to do it to start looking at all the activities you are engaged in that do not serve your higher purpose. Activities that very well could and should be considered wasteful.

Can you identify the two, three or more hours in a day that are wasteful moments?

For example, after you meet with a client, do you debrief the experience or do you go outside, smoke a cigarette and complain about why they didn't buy?

What do you think would be a more effective use of the 15-20 minutes right after a client interaction?

What about all that activity you have going on on Facebook? Is that a waste of time? If you're on Facebook, are you using it to spread your message far and wide or is it really just a social outlet for you?

How much time are you at the Xbox trying to beat that game you've been playing? Is that is a waste of your time?

Maybe it's that newspaper you're reading where you're not really learning anything? Are you reading about the celebrities or looking through the business section? Reading about the deviant activities of celebrities is a waste of time.

So, start to isolate the activities that aren't serving you and compress them or just eliminate them out right.


#2. Fill In The White Space In 15 Minute Blocks

Grant has said on more than one occasion, that The Devil resides in the white space on your calendar. If you want the devil to find you, have idle time. All you need to find the devil is a little boredom. Actually when the boredom hits, don't worry, the devil will find you!

It is in this idle time that we get bored or start over thinking. That idle time is where we decide we can't do something, that it's not possible, that you'll never get this deal done, that she won't go out with you. You will also find yourself playing Xbox, going to a bar instead or any other number of unproductive, potentially dangerous activities.

In one of Grant's live seminars, he talks about creating loaf time. Meaning if you're going to loaf, loaf because you earned it. Not because you have nothing to do!

Filling up your calendar with plenty to do eliminates the option and possibility of the premature loaf.

When you read Grant's book, Sell Or Be Sold, he's dedicated an entire chapter to time. In there Grant reminds us that we all have the same 24 hours in a day. Bill Gates has the same 24 hours as you do. You just need to use time instead of time using you.

Try inventorying your time and budgeting your time. Treat time like it's money and watch what happens for you.


#3. Most importantly, Start Thinking About How You Can Literally Create Time

You have twenty-four hours in the day and you share those twenty-four hours with an endless list of successful people. Consider success stories like W.H Macy, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Levi Strauss.

Now how can you stuff more into those twenty-four hours? What con you do in that time you share with the above listed so that you can become even more productive?

Can you create and use the urgency concept of a finite amount of time in the day and REALLY use that to blow up your career, blow up your business, and blow up your life?

In Grant's book, The 10x Rule, you'll learn how to create success and abundance in all areas of your life. Success is not limited to a bunch of money!

When you create time, you can then be able to make the most incredible life for your family, for you, for your kids, for your spouse, AND for your clients.

As Grant says, "Don't manage time... CREATE IT!!!"

The Value of Time

Your Two Cents Is Requested

In the comments section below, let's look at and talk about where we "spend" time unwisely. What did you get from this article? Did you learn something new? Are you starting to change the way you see time? Are new possibilities opening up to you? Let us know your thoughts!


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    • Yourglobalgirl profile image

      Yourglobalgirl 4 years ago from UK

      Some great advice- thanks for sharing

    • nisargmehta profile image

      NISARG MEHTA 4 years ago from SURAT, Gujarat, India

      These tips are useful to all of us. Most of us think about it but don't follow or share it which is awful. Thanks for sharing. Voted up and sharing too. [Smiles]

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