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How To Deal With Bad Online Reviews

Updated on August 15, 2016

Oh poo I got a 1 Star Review

Calm down, it will be OK. It's not the end of the world if you have just received a 1 star review. And it doesn't mean your business is bad if you have a couple of these reviews. They happen from time to time. Knowing how to deal with them is half the battle. Which is what we will cover in the first part of this article. What we will cover in the second part of the article is how to stop bad ones from being posted to the major review sites.

First A little about me.

My Name is Ben Boyce, I own and operate a SEO Web Development Agency in New Orleans Louisiana called Greaux Technologies. We recently acquired a company called NOLA Graphics which has great page rank on google, but a bad reputation. Over the next month our goal is to take the business from a 2.5 star rated business on yelp and push it to an average of over 4 stars. Currently there are 3 horrible 1 star reviews and 2 good 5 star reviews.

What to do with your first bad review

The first piece of advice I give my clients when coaching them on how to deal with their online reputation is to take the review offline whenever possible. There is no need to get into a heated debate over who's right an who's wrong. Apologize to the customer and leave your direct contact information so they can get a hold of you and you can attempt to mitigate the damages.

Customers will be more likely to remove or revise the review if you handle things in a professional manner. A lots of businesses we manage have offered to deduct something from their bill, give a partial refund, or even a full refund. Trust me. Maintaining a positive online reputation is far more important than refunding any one customer.

Which Review Site do you have the most reviews on

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Monitor Your Reviews

If your a business owner and you don't have time to respond to reviews you will need assign this role to a manager or someone in HR. They will need to monitor all of the major review sites to make sure that your getting quality reviews. It's also a good idea to get your staff to collect email addresses and or tell your customers to review you online. Remember people usually only go online to review a place if they have had a bad experience.

Getting Bad Reviews Removed From Yelp and Other Sites

As a last ditch effort there is one way you can try to get a bad review removed from yelp. That is to simply report the review and say it violates the TOS. There are serverl reasons a review can be removed from yelp. A few are a previous disgruntled employee or threats of violence, or verbal abuse slander and harassment. These are only some of the reasons a review can get removed.

A lot of times peoples views are out of anger and they include things that violate some of the major review sites TOS. If you feel that any review is in violation of the TOS just report it. The worst they company can do is just leave the review on their.

How To Get Good Online Reviews

Getting happy customers to review your business online may seem like a challenge but there are a few simple ways to get them to review your business internally.

You always want to take internal reviews in case they are bad then you can mitigate them from being posted to major review sites.

5 Way to collect internal reviews

  1. Embed a Review Widget on your Website.
  2. Email the customer a link to review your business.
  3. Print a QR Code that offers a discount when the customer fills out a review form.
  4. Put a iPad up in your establishment so the customer can review right there.
  5. Put an iPad in the customers hand an ask them for a review.

No way of collecting internal reviews is better than another. There are many different business out there and some methods just may work better for some than others.

Capture Internal Reviews

By capturing internal reviews your allow customers to review your service internally.

This is how it works:

If a customer gives you a bad review say 3.9 stars or less, you're instantly notified. And the customer that left the bad review is immediately responded to with an auto response that you can configure. From there you can respond to the customer appropriately. Responding to the customer and solving the issue in a timely manner stops the customer from going to external review sites and leaving you bad feedback.

If the customer give you a good review. The customer is thanked and a list of suggested review sites are populated. All the customer has to do is click " Share Review" on the appropriate site and the review is then posted to a site like Yelp, Trip Advisor, or Google.

Hire a Reputation Management Company

What is a reputation management company? A company that provides reputation management services will monitor your online reviews and respond to them. They will have proven solutions to generate you good reviews from your customers and stop the bad ones. To Date our company has stopped over 20,000 bad reviews from being posted on major review websites. We have created a state of the art internal software program that monitors all the top review sites and notifies your business if a bad review is listed.

How We Can Help.

Our internal reputation management software does it all. We monitor all of the review sites and put all the data into a custom dashboard that you control.

We have two options for business that want to improve their review rating online.

Self Manged Reputation Service 39.99 / Month. (includes)

  • Business Dashboard where you can reply to all your reviews.
  • 24/7 instant notification if someone leaves you a bad review on a major review directory.
  • Internal review link, where customers can go to leave you an internal review.
  • QR Code customers can scan to leave you a review.
  • Pre Configured Responsive to Positive and Negative Reviews

Full Managed Review Service $199/ Month

  • Business Dashboard where you can reply to all your reviews.
  • 24/7 instant notification if someone leaves you a bad review on a major review directory.
  • Internal review link, where customers can go to leave you an internal review.
  • QR Code customers can scan to leave you a review.
  • Pre Configured Responsive to Positive and Negative Reviews
  • Real Time Review Management hand typed responses on external review sites for both positive and negative reviews
  • Weekly Review Solicitation - Once a week you provide us an email list ( in speadsheet format) of the customers you would like to have review you business and we upload that list to are Review targeting system.

Click This Link to Get Started

Are You Ready to Manage Your Online Reputation?

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© 2016 Ben Boyce


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