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How To Handle Not Getting That Job Promotion

Updated on January 21, 2012

Didn't Get The Job?

If you don't get the job promotion, there isn't a whole lot you can do at the moment. Sulking and complaining won't get you anywhere, neither will trying to undermine the person who got the position. The only thing you can do is to man up and decide that you are going to do the best job you can for when the position comes up again.

Ask Questions

When you are informed that you didn't get the promotion, you should always ask why you didn't get the job. Your employer should have good answers and feedback for you that will be able to help you hone your skills for the next time you interview for a promotion, or for any advanced position with a company. Some reasons you might not get the job include:

Lack Of Experience

Lack Of Relevant Skills

You Are On Probation Or Written Warning

Don't Get Along Well With Others/Lack Leadership Skills

Didn't Interview Well

If You Lack Skills Or Experience

If you happen to lack the skills or experience necessary to get ahead on the job, you should try your best to get the skills you need while allowing for time to gain experience.

Some jobs require that you spend a certain amount of time in the company before progressing to the next level, or may require that you have other positions first.

Do your best to make sure that you are working with your superiors to see if there is anything you can do, or any way they can help you, to make sure you are moving up in the company. No employee wants to be stuck where they are forever, and no employer wants to lose a talented employee.

If You Didn't Interview Well

If you didn't interview well, you should try to sign up for courses that will allow you to gain those critical skills that will help you in the future. It is important that you project confidence and personality in an interview and that you represent yourself as a candidate who can be the best for the job.

Try doing mock interviews before your next job interview so that you can be better prepared for what you will be asked. Some common interview questions are:

What Is One Weakness You Have And How Are You Correcting It (nobody is perfect)

Tell Us A Story About A Time...(shows your ability to think on your feet)

Why Do You Want To Work Here (shows you did your homework on the company)

Make sure you never bad mouth an old employer or boss at another stop in your career. This only backfires on you and makes you look unprofessional.

Be Ready For Next TIme

If you don't get that promotion on the first try, just keep on trying until you get it. For those who don't see a future with your current employer, there is always hope with another company. Just make sure you learn from your experience the first time around and correct your mistakes. In the meantime, support the new hire and be as professional about it as you can.


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