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Tips on How To Deal with an Idiot Boss

Updated on July 1, 2012

Every employee has to deal with their bosses whether he's smart or dumb. If you have a good and smart boss - you are very lucky. What about if you have a bad and idiot boss? How you'll going to deal with it? I would like to share some things I've learned on how to deal with an idiot boss in where I was Trap in a Stupid Management.

Here's how I do it...

I - f your boss is an idiot

- pretend to act like one. If he asks you to do the job not within your assignment, then say 'no' even if you can do more than he expect. Be wise in accepting additional task because they'll not appreciate your extra effort after all.

D - on't show all your skills and abilities

- idiot bosses are clever persons too. They will just steal the knowledge and ideas you have. Once they learned from you, they're always ready to fire you anytime. They will always blow their own horn to receive praises from top management. See how smart they are?

I - nconsiderate person

- people like them don't care the welfare of their employees. They will always have an excuse for everything. Idiot bosses spends much concern on defending himself from people who are threats for him rather than for the advancing the interest of the company and for his people.

O - ppose whenever needed

- but learn how to dance with the music as well. If you know that you have an edge, be wise in using it. Learn to figure out what they want and how to please them. In this way, it would be easy for you to play the game with your idiot boss.

T - emper is necessary

- even if you reach to the point of anger, keep yourself calm. Keep your composure. Patience is the most important thing. Remember, they are still your boss. Even how idiot they are, you need to respect his authority or you might find yourself out of job.

So what is the best thing to do?

Look for a new job if you can't stand working for an idiot, maybe the next career opportunity for you will have a better management. But you have to plan everything before you quit or you might end up jobless after all. Don't let yourself stuck in a job you hate because getting annoyed everyday is not good for your health at all.


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    • gabgirl12 profile image

      gabgirl12 5 years ago

      I've tried all of this. I can honestly say it does work. At least where the job is concerned. Eventually they are seen for who they really are...incompetent. And the one's I have dealt with have in the long run either gotten 'demoted' or transferred out.

      Currently I can't complain. I feel like I finally found my niche, but I'm glad to have been patient. A job is a job.