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How To Easily Make $ 10 - $ 100 Per Day Using Twitter

Updated on July 13, 2014

Easily Make $300 on Twitter Every Month!

This is an easy way of generating at least $ 10 - $ 100 per day on Twitter.

That may not sound like much, but if you this daily, you should begin making this amount instantly, and $ 10 a day translates into $ 300 a month! Not bad for a few minutes work. Look at it this way, if everything you did was this easy and successful and paid you that much, you could just set up a few of these things over the internet and make a solid living that would allow you to quit your job.

Here is how to do it.

Step 1:

Log into Twitter and set up at least ten different accounts. You will have to do this using five different email addresses for this procedure to work. At time of writing Twitter had n restrictions on how many accounts an individual could open up so do this while they still allow it.

Keep track of the email addresses that you use to sign up with and the Twitter name that you have associated with each email address. Open up a Word document and keep the welcome emails from Twitter in there so you can have this information handy for sign in purposes and you will need all of these sign in codes and email addresses in one convenient spot where you can get to them quickly.

Step 2:

Log into and join their program. Again, keep their welcome email and your userid and password handy in the Word document you opened up in step 1.

This site is an advertising network made especially for Twitter. You will be asked to post some ads on your Twitter accounts (remember, you opened up 10 of them in sep 1) for which you will earn anywhere between 4 cents to 20 cents per click that others do on your Twitter page. Don't worry about the low payment rates because you will be getting thousands of clicks with this procedure and your income will start to ad up very quickly over time. The site pays you by Paypal so you better set up an account with them if you don't already have one yet. Payments to you for the clicks on your Twitter account are usually made within 48 hours so you can start to earn money quickly.

After you join you can add your Twitter profiles.

Step 3:

Start to post ads. Select the ones you want and post them by simply following instructions.

Step 4:

Mass follow people on Twitter. Follow your friends, their friends, people you know, people you don't know, famous athletes, actors, politicians, statesmen, anyone you can think of.

The idea here is that you will follow people so that they will most likely follow you back. By them following you back, you will indirectly then be "promote your ad" to them. You can follow people that tweet about certain items with This can be done with the free website To get a higher click thru rate you should follow people that twitter about the same subject as the pay per click ads (ppc ads) that you posted earlier.

This can be set up in a few minutes and the system will work until you reach the time limit in the site that is clearly shown when posting your ads.

You can also choose to "autofollow" people, something that has caught on big recently.

To autofollow people you can also use tweetlater to autotweet followers and also use automessage for your followers with your ad. This will significantly increase the amount of clicks that your mass of followers will provide for you.

Step 4:

Wait for people to follow you. Or, you can rinse and repeat the above three steps if you do not have the patience t wait.

Once you get to 5,000 followers then you are basically guaranteed to make at least $ 10 per day with your first Twitter account.

Step 5:

Now you just scale up your activities with 5 - 10 Twitter accounts as above which will generate you $ 50 - $ 100 per day. That is anywhere from $ 1,500 to $ $ 3,000 per month!

Make Money With Twitter

Tweet and Make Money!


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