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How To Find Fitness Clients In Singapore

Updated on September 18, 2010

Attracting Fitness Clients To Your Singapore Fitness Business

All Singapore fitness professionals – regardless whether they are private personal trainers, freelance aerobics instructors or independent wellness coaches – know that in order to build a viable fitness business here in Singapore, they would need clients – the more the better!

The saying: Clients Are The Lifeblood Of Any Fitness Business – certainly applies to all private independent fitness/wellness professionals who hope to succeed or make in big in the Singapore fitness industry.

However, a combination of factors – such as the lack of time, the lack of marketing expertise and the lack of business acumen – prove to be major stumbling-blocks to many Singapore-based fitness entrepreneurs.

In order to overcome these obstacles, and claim one’s share of the pie in the fitness industry, the following factors must be in place to help you publicize and market your business so as to attract clients to you:

  1. A Publicity Vehicle – Fitness professionals who wish to attract clients MUST put their fitness business on a widely-available, public-viewable platform to showcase and expose their businesses to the general public. Only via a wide public media exposure, would you be able to generate awareness of your services, and tell others who you are, and what you can offer to them.
  2. A Client-Attractor Model – in order to maximize your efforts in finding more clients, you would need an online automated system that can publicize your business and services in an uninterrupted, continuous fashion - 24 hours, 7 days-a-week - even while you are asleep, taking a break, coaching your other clients or even traveling abroad.
  3. A Client-Contact System – besides being able to profile and showcase your professional capabilities, together with a description of the range of services you provide, the system you use must also provide provisions for potential customers to CONTACT you directly for your services. This will provide you with the opportunity to address any issues that your potential clients may have with regards to your services, and more importantly, allow you to CAPTURE the contact and personal details of your potential customers for follow-up action.

In today’s inter-connected world, the current best solution that satisfies all the above conditions would be a marketing network/system that draws on the tremendous power of the Internet or the World Wide Web.

In the fitness context, the following would be great choices to rely upon for your marketing and client attraction efforts:

All the above, if utilized properly and effectively, would be great vehicles to draw more clients to your fitness business, increase your fitness revenue and brand you as a serious player in the industry.

Now you know how to attract fitness clients, go forth, and in the name of Nike’s most famous sport slogan: “Just Do It!”


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