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How To Find Products To Sell on eBay & Amazon

Updated on June 26, 2016

Product Research

Find out if your item will sell prior to buying inventory
Find out if your item will sell prior to buying inventory | Source

Finding Products To Sell on eBay & Amazon

Want to start making money selling on eBay or Amazon? One of the most critical steps to your success is going to be picking the right products to sell. No matter how great a marketer or sales person you are, if you pick a product nobody wants or that nobody is buying your going to wind up getting stuck with inventory.

In this post we'll be discussing 3 tools which can not only help you find product ideas. But which will also help you research these products. These tools will tell you how much sells in a given week. How much competition there is for these items, ie, will you be able to compete with the current sellers of that item? And lastly, you'll be able to pull detailed analytic research which will show you the keywords buyers of your items search for, the day of the week and time of day when most of them buy, and other details which will help you outrank and outsell the competition.

3 Product Research Tools For eBay & Amazon Sellers


Terapeak is an invaluable tool for both eBay and Amazon sellers. While Terapeak "technically" speaking pulls eBay data, the data is also incredibly value for Amazon as well. What I really like about Terapeak is it handles the two steps to product research. 1. Comming up with the ideas of products to further research. 2. Actually pulling data to vet the product ideas and find out if they truly are good items to sell.

Terapeak has "Hot Item" and "Hot Category" tools which will show us hot selling categories with little competition. In addition to helping us find the product ideas, Terapeak takes it a step further and helps us research these product ideas. We can find out the overall Dollar amount of sales, the number of units sold, and the sell through rate. Terapeak also gives us data like the keywords buyers search for to find items, the day of the week and time of day they buy, and much much more.

The tools we discuss below are both great, however they are really for vetting a product idea you already have. They are not really tools to help you come up with product ideas. You somewhat need to have some ideas in mind already for Jungle Scout and Unicorn Smasher.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a tool more geared towards Amazon. It comes in two forms. There is a browser extension which will help you "vet" potential products your thinking about selling. You can find out the Amazon sales rank, how much is sold, show you your competitors and their competing listings, as well as show you a lot of information about those listings such as the items sales rank, review star score, and much much more.

Jungle Scout also has a web application which allows more in depth research, more like Terapeak.

Jungle Scout is really a must have tool for the serious Amazon seller or Private Labeler.

Unicorn Smasher

Last but not least Unicorn Smasher is an awesome, and best of all FREE tool to help you pull Amazon product analytics. It's very similar to Jungle Scouts browser extension. It allows you to pull most of the same type of data such as number of sellers, number of variations, sales estimates, and much much more.

One downside to Unicorn Smasher is the numbers are not quite as accurate as Jungle Scout, and there's a few less tools for sorting the data.

Wrap Up

Overall, if your thinking of becomming a seller on eBay or Amazon, some or all of these tools are a must have for you. Don't cheap out early on. I'd much rather spend $20 a month on Terapeak or Jungle Scout, than buy hundreds or thousands of Dollars worth of inventory only to later find out that the inventory doesn't sell or that there is no market for it.

Terapeak actually offers a FREE 7 Day Trial to check it out, as does Jungle Scout, and as mentioned Unicorn Smasher is completely free so you really have nothing to lose.


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