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How To Find an Ideal Career?

Updated on July 8, 2009
How to Find An Ideal Career? Find an answer here.
How to Find An Ideal Career? Find an answer here.

Have You Figured Out Your Ideal Career Yet?

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Definition of an Ideal Career

Once you come to this page, it means either you want to plan for your ideal career, or you're not satisfied about what you're doing at present. I am glad to help you.

What is the Ideal Career?It must include certain aspects.

  • It's what you are interested in.
  • It's what you know well about or you're gonna know well about.(Interest is the best teacher.)
  • It's what you believe worthwhile for you to do for a entire life.
  • It's a work/job that you'll never feel tired of.
  • It's where you can get passion and inspiration.
  • It's what you feel as part of your life.
  • It can support an ideal life of your family.

What is Your Expertise?

What is Your Expertise?
What is Your Expertise?

What is Your Expected Annual Income for Your Ideal Career?

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 What is Your Expertise? Or What is Your Interest?

  • Literature? (Novelist/Copywriter)
  • Maths? (Accountant)
  • Computer Games? (Game Tester/Game Handbook Copywriter)
  • Drawing? (Graphic Designer)
  • Dancing? (Dancing Coach)
  • Finance? (Banker/Portfolio Manager/Financial Consultant)
  • PC Software/Hardware? (Technician/Engineer/Programmer)
  • Socializing? (Salesman/Insurance Agent)
  • Cooking? (Start a Restaurant)
  • Driving? (Picking up Loads for Trucking Companies)
  • Law? (Lawyer)
  • Beauty or Handsome Guy? (Modelling)
  • Housewife? (Copywriting Useful Stuff for other Housewives)

... ... ... ...

Pick Your Favorite Career
Pick Your Favorite Career

My Story

You can read from my Bio that I am an editor for a local newspaper agency which is of course not my career while that job only takes me less than 4 hours a day that allows me to do anything I want. I kinda like this job. It's not my career tho. I'd like to be a webmaster do copywriting to promote good stuff for people surfing on the internet. That's just what I do now.

Couple of my associates are complaining about the low paying all day long while they never try to do anything to make a change. I see one of them is very good at photography, one is very good at playing cards and one is very good at drawing. He can just draw amazing pictures that thrills me. I like his drawing.I once asked them why they don't publish their works online to make a career. Most of the answers I got from them are, they are not familiar with computers and internet stuff. I asked them again about why not learn how to monetize their expertise online. Just buy some books or simply learn by Googling. They said they didn't have time or it was too troublesome. Oh, I can't believe it, but I understand. That's why most people achieved nothing at last. What do you think?

How to Utilize My Expertise?

  • Make sure the Expertise you possessed is Real Expertise which requires talent,time spending,study & research. If not, dig harder into it. Get qualified as a real expert in that field.
  • Choose the channel you'd like to utilize your expertise, find a real office job or Home business.
  •  Market Yourself

Find Your Career
Find Your Career

Find Your Career

To fully utilize your expertise, you have to find out a substantial job you're really good at and interested in. How? Submit Your Resume!

There are few job hunting websites that provide free & quality resume Analysis services. Here's one good website that offers free resume analysis and free resume publishing for you. Get Your Resume analyzed by the experts for free and find your Dream Career.

Get Your Resume Analyzed & Published For Free!

Market Yourself, Find Your Own Position
Market Yourself, Find Your Own Position

Do You Own A Personal Website/Blog to Market Yourself?

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Market Your Expertise

To get people know your expertise, you've got to copywrite articles, giving out tips for customers who need them, to start the relationship with them, to build trust.

Most people are used to Googling the problems to get answers to their individual problems. But usually they cannot get exactly what they want. That's your chance.

Since the world is so big, any question you think important would be asked by somebody, maybe 1 million people. You copywrite a unique article to solve their problem in your expertise.

To make everything perfect, you have to get your article indexed by Google, which means your article must attract Google as a good original article that assures the viewer a good experience. Under that circumstances, your ariticle page will be ranked in the first few pages or even the very first page on

  • Where to Submit my Article? (Highly Recommended) (Google's Free Blog)

  • Is there any shortcut?

Actually, yes & no! You have to provide fully original stuff by your own knowledge to make a long run. To submit articles via the two websites provided above, you'll get higher rank because Google think the articles in the above websites would be better for viewers to gain a nicer experience.

  • If I'd like to own my personal website to market myself, what am I supposed to do?

Well, I wrote a separate hub about creating your website. Click to read it thru.

How to Start A Personal Website


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