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How To Get A Toll Free Number

Updated on September 19, 2010


How To Get
A Toll Free Number

Want to know how to get a toll free number? Look no further! We have the answer right here. It takes just 10 minutes and the cost? As little as $10 a month.

In these instructions you'll learn how to get a toll free number plus the benefits of today's toll free number technology.

Forward Your Toll Free Number To Your Cell, Home, or Office Phone
If you don't answer the first number, it will forward to next number on your list. 

Sound Like a Million Dollar Company
Have a professional record the introductory greeting.

How Much Does It Cost?
Most basic plans start at $10 a month plus 5 or 6 cents per minute.

Some plans, like My1Voice, will even include 150 free minutes for that $10.

Sign Up Today

We recommend a phone company like My1Voice. Many companies don't include free minutes, charge $12.95 / month & 6 cents a minute.

With My1Voice, it's just:

$10 / month - $0.05 / minute.
150 free minutes.
PLUS A Free Trial

Sign Up For My1Voice's Free Trial Here

We hope these instructions have helped you learn how to get a toll free number.

How To Get A Toll Free Number
How To Get A Toll Free Number


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