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How To Get More Traffic

Updated on December 10, 2007

traffic streams that are tightly related to your product or service. By generating more targeted leads, you're going to have much higher conversion ratios and actually have better results with much less traffic. You'll also be able to brand yourself and begin to build a reputation long before you ever throw a pitch at your customers. Your immediate results will not only improve, but you'll see much more impressive long term goals being met! So how should you tackle generating targeted, interested leads to your website? Good question! I'll offer a few thoughts for you today, and follow up in some future articles to keep the ball rolling. Let's get into a couple of the most basic...

These methods are somewhat time consuming, but effective if you have a minimal budget. They're also very powerful pre-selling techniques and will go a long way towards establishing yourself as an expert in your field. The first thing I recommend you do, regardless of your niche, is to search out and become a member at the top forum, or community sites related to your product. Take some time to learn how members interact and then dive in, contributing and answering other members questions. Be as informative and thorough as possible in your replies. I wouldn't recommend pitching yourself until you've done some solid contributing and established yourself as a beneficial member of the community. At that point, post a signature line that will be attached to all of your posts. Something subtle that references your site is most effective. Don't sound like you're offering up a sales pitch and you should do okay!

I would suggest is to drive traffic through article marketing. I've found this to be an indispensible tool when it comes to building both short and long term traffic. Your time would be hard pressed to be invested better in any other traffic building effort. Clear and informative articles that give valuable content will go far in building your reputation. I mean if you're taking the time to provide valuable free content that people can use, they're going to be interested in some of the stuff you're charging for! Start article marketing today, and your results will grow quickly over time.


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