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How To Get Ready For Work In 5 Minutes (For Men)

Updated on December 11, 2016


  1. Use toilet: 3 minutes
  2. Brush teeth: 60 seconds (while sitting on toilet)
  3. Wet, towel dry and style hair with putty: 60 seconds
  4. Get dressed: 30 seconds
  5. Grab breakfast and briefcase: 30 seconds

STEP 0: Preparation

The key to getting ready quickly in the morning is to prep as much as you can the night before. The more things you have already done and ready to go the night before, the less you have to do in the morning.

Take a look at your current morning routine and be brutally honest with yourself. How many of those tasks can be done the night before? It may seem like a pain in the butt to change your habits, but once those new bedtime habits lock in, your new morning routine will be so fast and stress-free that you’ll wonder why you waited so long to finally make these changes.

Here are some of the things you can eliminate from your morning routine by getting them done the night before. This will seriously streamline your morning and get you from your bed to the front door in only five minutes.

Things To Do The Night Before…

  • Back your bag or briefcase and have ready to go by the front door
  • Pack your lunch and have it in a cooler bag in the fridge
  • Lay out your clean pants, shirt, socks, tie and jacket (or uniform or whatever)
  • Have breakfast bars on the counter and bottled water (or orange juice, iced coffee, etc.) in the fridge
  • Shower, shave and apply aftershave and deodorant
  • Sleep in the same socks and t-shirt that you’ll wear to work (if appropriate)
  • Leave your keys, wallet and glasses together on the counter, next to the breakfast bars
  • Charge your phone right next to your bed

STEP 1: Use The Toilet In 3 Minutes Or Less

This is possible.

Do not take your phone into the bathroom in the morning. Do not check emails or social media. Do not read news articles. Just sit down and do your business. You might not have time to get it all out. That’s fine. Just let out whatever’s ready to come out, then wipe and go wash your hands. You’ll get the rest out when you get to work and take your first coffee break.

Yeah…I can’t believe we’re discussing poop tips, either.



STEP 2: Don’t Just Sit There – Brush Your Teeth!

Since your hands are free (no smartphone, right?), use your toilet time to brush your teeth while you’re sitting down on the throne. Brush vigorously for about 60-90 seconds while you’re using the toilet, and then when you get up to wash your hands, spit out your toothpaste, rinse your mouth out and you’re done.

How To Shave Your Face In 30 Seconds (Totally Serious)

STEP 3: Wet Hair, Towel Dry And Apply Hair Putty

This can be done in about 60 seconds, once you get used to hustling.

While you’re there at the sink, bend over and thoroughly wet your hair. Then dry your hair and hands briskly with a dry towel. Next, take a quarter-sized dab of hair styling putty, rub it into your dry hands and quickly run it through your hair. Use your hands to style your hair quickly.

There’s no need for a comb or brush here; just run your fingers through the top, then smash your palms against your temples as you slide them back along the sides toward the back of your head.

You’re done. Head back to the bedroom.

(NOTE: You’ll want to make sure you have your t-shirt on before this step. If you slept in your shirt, then you’re ready to go. If you slept shirtless, then go put on your tee before doing your hair.)

STEP 4: Get Dressed In 30 Seconds Or Less

You should already be wearing your t-shirt and socks, while your pants, shirt and/or other work clothes are laid out and ready to go. So this will be fast. Put on your pants and shirt. Grab your jacket and your tie and head to the kitchen.

STEP 5: Grab Your Breakfast, Lunch And Briefcase And Go!

This is it.

You already used the bathroom, brushed your teeth, fixed your hair and got your clothes on. Now just grab your drink and your lunch bag from the fridge. Then grab your breakfast bar, phone, keys, wallet and glasses from the counter and put them in your pockets. Then slip on your shoes and grab your bag or briefcase as you head out the door.

You did it! You just got ready for work in about five minutes!

But wait…

Did you forget something?

STEP 6: Add The Finishing Touches Once You Park Outside Your Job

You’ll still want to add those finishing touches, those little grooming details before heading into the office. You can do this on the bus or subway or in your parked car just before heading inside at work. Do not do these things while driving!

Keep a toiletries bag in your car as a backup, to be used just before exiting your car at work. Make sure it is stocked with the following…

  • Comb or brush
  • Cologne
  • Breath mints or spray

(NOTE: You really only need the cologne and breath mints/spray. You shouldn’t need the comb/brush, assuming you styled your hair at home. But it doesn’t hurt to have one in the bag – just in case you want a little quick comb-thru, right?)

Additional Tips To Help You Get Ready Faster

  • Portion out dinner leftovers into meal-sized, microwavable containers for a quick, easy hot breakfast
  • Make sure you gas up on your way home from work so you don’t have to gas up in the morning
  • Set multiple alarms on multiple devices/clocks (in case one dies during the night). Set the alarm times about 2-3 minutes apart, and place one of the alarm clocks far away from the bed so you have to physically get out of bed to get to it.


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