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How To Give Superior Customer Service

Updated on July 6, 2014

Everyone plays the role of the customer on a daily basis. I am sure you can conjure up many instances when you left the phone, office, or store with a negative impression because of the lackluster service you received. At times, your frustration level may rise to the max. My aim is to provide sound information on customer service for individuals and companies that will make the customer’s experience more enjoyable.

If you take a look at companies that have been recognized for providing exceptional customer service, there are a few common threads. Whether being a company of one or a large corporation, you can strip these bonds down to a few elemental beliefs and values. In order to deliver meaningful service you must become “client centered.” You must have the vision that a customer will never receive a better experience anywhere else.

Deliver service with sincerity.
Deliver service with sincerity.

1. Always give the customer more than he expects. Never underestimate the power of giving or doing something extra for your client. It can be something as cheesy as Jiffy Lube’s “Red Carpet Treatment” (they roll out a red carpet for you to walk on as you walk towards you serviced car. During “Black Friday” department and retail stores give out freebees such as small ornaments or trinkets.

2. Never take long-standing accounts for granted. You must step your game up. If not, there are always competitors waiting to woo them and show how they can better serve their needs.

3. Always deliver your service in a timely manner. Time is precious. In todays fast pace world customers appreciate being able to “get in and get out.” Many people run errands or make phone calls during their lunch period. One of my favorite stores had unimaginable waiting times at their customer service section. Instead of waiting the 30 plus minutes, I’m sure a customer would rather cut their losses and never come back.

4. Be sincere in giving your service. It is pretty easy to identify when someone is just going through the motions. How many times have you walked in a store or fast food place and someone yells out “Welcome to…….” Yet, the tone of voice is dry and unenthusiastic. There is no eye contact either. I remember working at Jubilee Foods grocery store in the early 90’s. Our motto was to provide “Gold Tie Service.” We actually wore gold ties to symbolize this belief. We wanted to be the “standard” when it came to customer service.

Client Preferences

When Choosing Where to Shop/Patronize, What Is Most Important?

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5. Make the customer at hand feel like he/she is your most important customer. Do you have customer or clients whom you call every blue moon after you have exhausted all of your leads? Do you treat the big spender differently than the average customer with average money? The person spending 50 plus dollars at the movies is just as important as the struggling dad who is trying to show his children a good time at the movies.

6. Have empathy. Remember your clients and customers are real people who come with different moods and attitudes. A person may be having a difficult day. You may be the person who provides that experience that changes their day around.

7. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. As people we all have standards that we expect to be met. If the roles are reversed in any situation, how would you want to be treated? Spend the extra time to walk the customer to the aisle and product. It may save them time and frustration (especially in large mega stores). This will make it a pleasurable shopping experience, one that they will remember and want duplicated in the future.

Experience As A Customer

How Often Have You Had A Bad Customer Service Experience

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Get feedback from clients
Get feedback from clients

8. Remember you are only as good as your last transaction. It takes years to build a strong customer-client relationship but only seconds to destroy it.

9. Always tell the truth. This can be the downfall to any company or business if not heeded. Do not say you can deliver on something that you can’t. If you don’t know the answer to something, tell the customer you don’t know the answer but will work diligently to find out.

10. Ask the client “What can you do to improve his/her experience?” If your #1 goal is customer satisfaction, embrace feedback. Give surveys and analyze the data. Customer needs are always changing and your company must stay flexible.


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