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How To Go About Starting An Internet Business In 5 Steps

Updated on February 7, 2013

This article coveers things to consider when starting an internet business. You have to gather enough information to decide on what to offer and how to promote your offer. Then you can set up a sound business plan. Stay focused and cling to it. Improve your plan when necessary. But don’t jump around from one model to another never finishing anything.

You might have heard about a wealth of money that can be made onling. When you are considering starting an internet business and browse through the web you might get overwhelmed by the mass of information out there. I set up a 5 step plan to avoid being overwhelmed.

Make a plan for the activities to come. If not it’s quite doubtful that you will succeed. About 98% of all people trying to make money online fail. And the first reason is that they don’t have a solid plan and thorough understanding of what they are going to do. They also lack in persistence.

Step 1

Before you even start planning starting an internet business you have to gather as much of information as possible about your undertaking. Don't buy anything at this stage. Don't jump from one product to the other and from one strategy to the next. The single best article I have seen to avoid this is by Kevin D. Browne on Ezine Articles.

In short he recommends going for the free stuff on the internet. Don't opt in with your main email adress but take a free one on google. I recommend Viral Inbox to do so.

Do a search on google for information on starting an internet business and study everything you can get your hands on (free offers, blog- and forum posts etc.)

Step 2

Earning money means ofeering something people would spend money for. You can sell physical goods, digital products like e-books, videos, audios, digital pictures etc. Or you can sell services like marketing, translations, programming, or what most people do their own manpower.

Of course you need competence when offering services. But do you need your own products if you want to offer those? The answer is no. The most popular business on the internet is affiliate marketing. The most lucrative affiliate marketing is to promote digital goods. You can earn up to 80% commissions as an affiliate for digital products. If you decide on physical goods try drop shipping. You promote physical goods but the warehouse takes care of the storage and the shipping.

When starting an internet business I highly recommend affiliate marketing. The only risk you have is having no success but you won’t loose any money.

Go for something you're interested in. Otherwise it might become hard to drive it to success.

Next you should think about marketing. Do you need a website of your own? No. While it is certainly beneficial to have one it is not necessary. There are lots of ways out on the internet to promote your offer. After having done your research you should have good overview of marketing methods.

With all this information decide on what you want to offer and how you want to promote your offer on the internet.

Step 3

When you know what to offer you should check teh market and the competition. Choose a couple of keywords describing your offer. The keywords you choose should describe your offer as googd as posible. Then do a google search for your keywords. If you put them in quotes you get the amount of pages with that exact term in them. This gives you an idea of your competition. Then go over to the google keyword tool and search for that keyword as well. Here you get information about the seize of your market, i.e. the number of monthly searches for that keyword. Go for keywords wit a maximum searches and minimum exact hits. Try it, then you'll see for yourself. When not finding keywords with a monthly search volume above 1000 and less than 100’000 pages with your exact phrase try different ones or other offers.


Only now, after you made your decisions and found a market with reasonable profitability and low competition I would decide on buying a product if you feel need for it. Before you buy anything see whether there are reviews or comments on that product and check those. If it’s rated negatively don’t buy it. There's a lot of fake on the internet.

Next you should set up your business plan with time frame and budget.

Step 5

After having set up a sound businiss plan stick to it. One of the reasons people fail online is they are not consistent. Be focused! Amend your business plan if necessary but only if it really needs some changes. And be patient! Give it a chance! A lot of internet marketers if not all started by learning from their mistakes.

There are other stories out there as well. The best example I have ever seen is: The one guy decided on starting an internet business. He read three hours through the posts on the warrior forum got a clickbank and another affiliate account which I can’t remember. Then he did some research with Market Samurai, bought five domains, set up the sites and wrote five articles for each focusing on ppa offers. After a month he earned 200$ a day and was hoping to reach 500$ a day soon. That is 6’000$ to 15’000 a month. I don’t know whether it’s fake but if it is true it’s really astonishing.

I hope this article was of worth for you and now good luck with your business.


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    • rbphaff profile image

      rbphaff 4 years ago

      Thanks Carl for your comment. All of us are learning all the time.

    • CarNoobz profile image

      CarNoobz 4 years ago from USA

      Excellent tips for starting out online. Most of us started out and had NO IDEA what we were doing (I'm still learning).