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How To Have A Successful Call Center Job Interview

Updated on June 12, 2011

Putting Up The Challenge Of A Call Center Job Interview

A successful call center job interview is what many aspirants for a call center job are hoping for. After all, it’s labeled as one of the highest performing and paying industry in offshore call center companies located across Asia and other parts of the world. However, the stringent qualification process trims down thousands of prospects to a relative few. While the ability to speak and write in English is usually the basic requirement, it all boils down to the interviewer in gauging the ability of the job applicant as to whether he or she can do the job right. Here are important rules to consider. First off, find as much as you can about the company by doing an online search. Document important facts including product offers and company services. This will make you confident if specifically asked what you might know about the company and why you want to work for them.

Dress up professionally. While a suite is preferably a top choice, slax and long sleeved polo shirt with a tie will do for men coupled with shiny shoes. Remember, call centers have dress down days.

Play It Right

Posture also counts big time. Avoid putting the palm of your hands across your mouth when talking and never ever slouch. It’s best to put both palms of your hand on your lap. This would help you prepare in explaining situations wherein you need to gesture a little bit with your hand. During the interview, look your interviewer in the eyes because it shows that you have rapport and is interested in the job. Again, this is the rule, be confident. It one of the single most factor hiring managers are looking for in a potential client. Limit your answer within a 60 second timeframe if possible. Do not stammer or stutter, you will lose focus. Give a short but direct answer unless otherwise asked to cite an example. The best answers hiring managers are looking for are answers that seek to provide a solution to a problem. In other words, how will you do it your way if presented with a scenario say ‘how were you able to help increase sales volume in your team’? When referring to an example, its best to illustrate a personal situation at your previous job wherein you’ve made a contribution.

What Do They Prefer?

Hiring managers prefer candidates who have a proactive work history. You don’t have to be the brightest but you have to tell them why you were an asset in your previous work and why you can be an asset to the company you’re applying for. When you’re a t a point wherein you think you’ve missed the whole question, try to ask politely to have it clarified back to you. Listen attentively because you don’t want to have the interviewer lose interest in you if you keep asking questions back again and again. At the end of the interview, thank your interviewers. Remember, your interviewers are still human who appreciate best candidates who have good etiquette. Now, good luck with your job hunting and hoping you’ll have a successful call center job interview and get the job.


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      Ringgo 6 years ago

      basically, i'm a kind of person who enjoys working. Working with the different kinds of individuals has always been a challenging thing to me and i love challenges, it keeps me going.

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      zahid 6 years ago

      kindly tell me what can be the best answer for "tell me about yourself