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How To Improve Your Oral Presentation

Updated on August 21, 2015

Why Are Oral Presentations So Important?

Oral presentations are an important part of your life, either if you are a school or college student, an employee or you are just pitching your project with the goal of finding a job. You will know better than nobody else that a good presentation is key to half-way of your objective.

Imagine If You Were a Teacher or a Boss

Oral presentations is the most effective way to understand someone's knowledge while analyzing how they act on pressure, they expect you to be cohesive, coherent, concise, all within time. If your presentation or pitch lacks this important factors, you will not be regarded as an efficient professional. Consequently your grade may be negative, you may not get the job or may lose that promotion to somebody else.

Be confident! Be ready!
Be confident! Be ready!

The 3 Communication Rules- Cohesive, Coherent, Concise

The big three powerful skills you must master, before the big day, with time, practice, improve these skills. They will be a major asset in dealing with self-doubt.

Cohesive- Being cohesive means having your presentation well structered and your subject well understood. Approach your topics following a clear and understable sense. Be objective.

Coherent- Make sure your presentation develops according to logic. Coherency means the words you use are precise and your goal of communication is explicit. If your presentation is about solar energy do not start talking about William Shakespeare.

Concise- Choose your words carefully and be brief. Do not waste time discussing a topic which is not that important. Do not let your mind wonder off to a non-related problem. Concise means being short and right to the point.

If you respect these three communication rules you will look much more professional, the people evaluating you will understand you have your subject well dominated and prepared.

Remote Control App
Remote Control App

Remote Screen Display

Most presentations are accompanied by a Power Point or other form of media display. This ensures an overall bigger amount of information you need to output, graphics, quotes, videos, tables, but it is too much for your speech to carry. You do not want your speech to be filled with too much information and data, remember you need to be concise. Embrace technology. Going back and forward to the keyboard in order to change to the next slide while holding sheets of paper, can seem very unprofessional and even monotonous. Embrace NEW technology!

Use a Tablet

A tablet will help your task and make it easier and professional. If do not own one, borrow from a friend. Install an app which enables you to connect to the PC through WiFi and change your slides directly on the tablet. The best part is you no longer have to hold sheets of papers and getting lost in your speech. The tablet is both useful to control the PC remotely aswell as having the information you need right there.

PC Remote Control Apps for Android;

  • Unified Remote
  • TeamViewer
  • Remote Desktop
  • Chrome Remote Desktop

For iPhone:

  • Remote Jr.
  • Keymote
  • iTeleport
  • Jump Desktop

President Barack Obama during a speech
President Barack Obama during a speech

Answer-ready Questions

It is very likely you will be stormed with questions, taking too long crafting an anwser or sometimes even understanding the question can be a bad sign. You want to be ready and fire an anwser straight way, it will pass the massage to the public that you know it all, aswell it will discourage any future inconvenient questions that might get you into trouble.

How To Do This?

Dominating your subject is not enough, under pressure you may forget important details and information. So with time, at home, while studying your topics, ask yourself what would be the most Frequently Asked Questions to your subject, invite a friend over and pitch them your presentation, let them ask a few questions and write them down. After, elaborate a good anwser to each of them keeping in mind the three rules of communication I mentioned above (cohesive, coherent, concise). It will also help you not do doubt yourself and feel confident.

Cheat a Little

If its a college presentation or even a work presentation and you have a good friend in the audience, tell him previously to ask you a question that you are 100% ready to anwser. This will give everyone the impression you have everything under control.

Microsoft's Co-Founder Bill Gates during a presentation
Microsoft's Co-Founder Bill Gates during a presentation

Move and Gesticulate

This is important. Oral presentations where the pivot is just standing there behind papers or a computer screen talking non-stop is monotonous. Be engaging, face your audience, move around the stage, gesticulate with your hands. This will grab their attention and sometimes it will even be a distraction in case you say something wrong or you forget an important line of your topic. Once again, this will not only improve your confidence aswell as make your presentation stand out from the rest.


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