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How To Incorporate Your Business

Updated on December 11, 2011

If you own a business, incorporation is something you should consider.  But the question of how to incorporate often gets in the way of actually getting it done.  With a bit of knowledge and guidance, however, you can successfully incorporate and start enjoying all of the benefits it provides.

Knowing how to incorporate is good for your business

You know incorporation will be a benefit for your business, but if you aren’t quite sure how to incorporate in the first place you might not fully understand just how many benefits you could realize.  The fact is that becoming a fully fledged corporation is good for your business.

A few of the benefits your business will receive include:

• Tax benefits – Depending on the size of the business and the exact structure of the corporation, a variety of tax benefits can be achieved.  Check with your accountant for more specific information based on your own specific circumstances.

• Access to capital – Incorporating your business often makes it faster and easier to access capital when you need it.  Banks and other lending institutions are generally more open to lending when the business is incorporated rather than a partnership or sole proprietorship.

• Less expensive benefits – In most cases, an incorporated business will have access to less expensive rates on the benefits commonly offered to employees.  Health insurance, life insurance, dental coverage, and such, are just a few examples to consider.

As if these business benefits were not enough, there are some substantial personal benefits to be had as well.

Knowing how to incorporate is good for you personally

As long as your business remains a sole proprietorship or a partnership, it is considered a part of you personally.  As soon as incorporation is complete, however, the business will stand alone as its own separate entity.

This creates a number of benefits to you personally, such as:

 • Liability protection – Because the incorporated business is a separate entity from you as an individual, you will enjoy greater personal protection from debts and liabilities.  The corporation bears the weight of these liabilities, leaving your own personal assets off the table for consideration in case of lawsuits, bankruptcy, or other financially significant events.

• Steady income – You become an employee of the incorporated business which means you can pay yourself a specific salary each month.  This kind of steady income is hard to achieve with a sole proprietorship or partnership.

• Investment growth – An incorporated business can decide to sell stock to its owners, including other investors.  If your business is successful then these stock shares can grow in value, making it a good growth investment for you and the other shareholders.


The key to achieving all of these benefits, both to the business and to you personally, is to incorporate successfully without making mistakes

How to incorporate without mistakes

A simple internet search for business incorporation will turn up all sorts of “do it yourself” options for incorporating your business.  While many of these are reputable and can save you a significant amount of money on the incorporation process, if you are not especially experienced in business or you are unsure about the details of incorporation then it could be a mistake to go this route.

The best approach is to retain the services of a professional accountant and a professional attorney; look for people who have a great deal of experience in business incorporation for your type and size of business.  While it may cost you a bit more money to incorporate this way the benefits can far outweigh the costs.  When you choose someone with the experience and knowledge of how to incorporate you can be assured the process will occur smoothly and without major mistakes.

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