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How To Increase Productivity in the Workplace

Updated on January 11, 2012

Are you struggling to meet your goals at work? Are you a manager and having a hard time motivating your employees? Find your employees calling in often? These issues, most of the time, can be resolved easily. You're always going to have a few employees that are just plain lazy, but sometimes a little bit of motivation can go a long way. Here are a few steps that you can take to improve productivity that won't involve too much extra work.

Small tasks can improve productivity at any place of business.
Small tasks can improve productivity at any place of business. | Source


Communication is the key to ANY relationship. Whether you're instructing your employees on their daily tasks or implementing a new policy, communication is the key to making things happen. Of course you communicate everyday, but possibly rephrasing what you need completed a few times will help your employees grasp the issue and prevent unnecessary questions and more importantly, make your place of employment become more productive. Depending upon the position you hold and where you work, making a casual conversation from time to time will also be beneficial. We all need to feel important. Words of encouragement (professional or personal) will go a long way. We've all been at the bottom of the totem poll before, and we all know the struggles that occur.

Postive Reinforcement

I used to think daily five minute meetings were a waste of time, and sometimes they are. Instead of focusing on all the negative aspects that need improvement, open your morning meetings with the good. What aspects of your business are going good? Are there any employees that are surpassing their year anniversary mark? Of course the negative needs to be discussed and changed. If your employees know you're happy with their work they are more apt to work to improve what's wrong.

Utilizing organizational skills are necessary.
Utilizing organizational skills are necessary. | Source

Break the routine

Performing the same tasks 40 hours a week can become quite tedious and cause productivity to decrease. If exchanging tasks is something that is possible at your place of employment-- do it. Small changes will make a significant difference. For example, you can rotate tasks that multiple employees are competent to handle. By rotating tasks you're breaking the monotony and also exposing your employees to new traits.

Provide learning opportunities

Learning opportunities does not necessarily mean spending thousands of dollars on seminars and training classes. While these options are beneficial, you can increase productivity by showing your employees shortcuts with your computer programs, provide new methods of research, and explain different types of organizational skills that employees may not know. Refresher courses are always a plus, if you have the time.

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Happy employees that enjoy their job are going to provide the best results in the workplace. We all know that. We also know that forming a team that enjoys what they do will cut down on turnover and ultimately provide the best results. If an employee is having personal issues, listen. If an employee has an issue with a co-worker, listen. Listening to your employees, regardless of your opinion about the situation will make your employees feel needed. These small tasks will definitely produce great results and possibly get you that raise you've been waiting for.


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    • lundmusik profile image


      7 years ago from Tucson AZ

      thanks so much for your insightful review of management and employment motivation.


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