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How To Increase Your Ebay Sales Dramatically

Updated on October 19, 2012

 There are many ways to increase your ebay sales and many articles on the matter too but none really actually tell you what you need to do to increase your sales. You may already have read that you need to "write good descriptions, take good photo's" yes you need to that, you may also need to "buy low and sell high" really? yeh thanks for that. Sell what's hot, sell high end products, buy in bulk, sell worldwide, make fancy listings, compete on price bla bla bla bla. Now let me tell you there are people making hundreds of thousands of pounds selling envelopes, paper,socks, gems and beads, real mundane, not very hip items. Some of these companies may not even make £1 profit per item yet they still profit 6 figure incomes per year because they now the true way to make sales in droves!!!! Real techniques and strategies that make money.from ebay. This hub is about how you can really increase your sales and make much more profit, may be in time a full time living from ebay. These strategies will work in any other type of business where you are selling a product either your own or someone esles whether it be on ebay or via a website.

The Basic's

You need to get to grip with these basics. Although they are my basics these may take time to get to grips with for some people looking to make serious sales. If you are looking for a quick solution or a switch to turn on to make your sales overninght then their isn't one but if you apply everything I am going to show then you will see results very quickly. You need to take action and apply what I am going to show you for it to work. There's a great saying " If you always do what you've always done you'll always get what you have always got " so if your results so far are not what you want, you need to make some changes.


  1. Your title is what get's your item seen make sure you are very clear in what it is you are selling you are limited to the amount of characters you can use make sure you use as many as you can. I've written a hub on how to get the best keywords for your listings. Its not at all techy a simple tecnique to find what people are searching when looking for what you are selling. If you sell Tools for example then you might find that when people they type for a socket for examplet the word set may be a high ranking key word that goes with what you are selling. So rather than saying Sockets you should use Socket Set. This simple technique can greatly increase your views to a listing. Which will in turn increase sales.

2 . Descriptions. You need to be clear but you do not want to be boring either. You'll be surprised how much people actually read of your descriptions. I myslef have listings that clearly state that they need to state their size when they order and many do not.

 3. Pictures, this is a simple way to sell your item without actually writing anything. A good clear picture can make someone buying impulse and take over and buy instantly. If you are selling via a dropshipper then they will have a good quality photographs. A tip though, If I am not happy with a picture of a product that I am selling via a dropshipper that the dropshipper supplys then simply tap the product in to google images and see if there are any better photos of your product. Also whe you're dropshipping everyone else who uses that dropshipper will be using the same photo as you. Just by using a different pictures can make you stand out amongst the hundreds of listings with the same photo. If you are selling secondhand items and are taking your own photos Try and take your photos on a white background so everything in the background is white this will make your listings more professional and that you take time in your selling and more likely to be someone who packages and despatches their items quickly.

Traffic is the number one ingrediant to making huge sales is traffic. The more people that look and see your listings the more chance you will make more sales. Its a numbers game. There's rules and percentages in everything, that any given number will produce a certain amount of sales. Its the same for web sales, adsense sales, affiliate sales. So you need to dramatically increase your traffic to produce the amount of sales. There are many many was of doing this. The biggest seller on ebay, Accstation, have around 90,000 listings. This in itself produces massive amounts of traffic. They make 40,000+ sales per month on ebay. So you can see the numbers game working here. You might not have 90,000 different items to sell on ebay and with ebay's new duplicate listing policy Accestations listings will dramatically reduce but if you can have a atleast 1000+ listings which is very do able as a new ebayer then you can be making excellent profits. If you are following what I said earlier and sticking to a specific market then you can definately find thousands of products to sell. You can mix your listings up with a bit of wholesale and a bit of dropshipping to get the listings up. Check my hub out below to see a technique dramatically increase your listings and sales.

Now, how to be a successful Ebayer.

 So once you've got these 3 basics down you should be making sales pretty quickly. These skills come over time so the more you do the better you will get at it. Right these are the bare minimum skills you need to make more sales on ebay. There are many other aspects of ebay you are going to have to now incorporate with your listings and this is where you will make the amount of sales the huge powersellers do.

You may have heard the word "Niche" over and over again in your research of making more sales and that you need to be in a specific or the right niche to make money. This is rubbish you can join any existing niche, if it is working for someone else then it can work for you. On the subject of "Niche" it is a good Idea to keep to a specific area rather than being a Argos or wall mart type ebayer selling everything. If you stick to a specific market then you then have the opportunity to be respected and gain a reputation in a specific market. When you think of some of the big name of anything you automatically associate them with a product or market. Ralph Lauren, Ford, Sony, Facebook are big brands that have an instant market atached to them. Although these are big multi biliion dollar companies you need to think of being a "brand" as such even on ebay. Make sure you have a geat catchy ebay name something that will stick in someones mind something that can marketed at a later date i.e via a website and maybe even more.

Supermarket sales techniques. Supermarkets are the kings of producing massive amounts of sales not only because they house thousands and thousands of products under one roof but they also use sales techniques to make you buy more, a lot more infact. If you can grasp a few of these skills then and incorprate them in to your ebay then this what will set you apart from the rest.

Some of the selling techniques supermarkets use.

3 For 2. A massive way to produce more sales. A little harder to do with dropshipping products but it can be done

% Discounts. Offering a percentage discount is a great way to attract customers. People naturally think they are getting a deal when they see a % sign. Most people do not work out what they are actually getting off of their purchase when they buy the item. If you offer a 10% discount on your orders, say its a £10 item. They only actually get £1 off. The percentage sign fires buyers, buying triggers. Another great way to use percentage discounts is to offer a discount on another item that can be used along with a different item. I.e 10% off all memory cards with all digital cameras bought or vice versa.

Huge discounted items at the front of the shop or in the windows. Now this can be done with ebay. Using a loss leader or penny auctions to attract people in to your ebay listings this is a great way to pull people in to your ebay listings/shops. You need to get the items that yor putting out for bait right. You don't want something that people won't even look at or something very expensive that people will only be concentrating on winning and not be interested in anything else you are selling.

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    • sasta10 profile image


      7 years ago from Manchester, UK

      Great article. Thanks for sharing.

    • Enelle Lamb profile image

      Enelle Lamb 

      7 years ago from Canada's 'California'

      Thanks for the tips...;)


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