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How To Increase Your Level Of Productivity

Updated on April 1, 2018
Elijah Tornaziba profile image

Elijah is an investor, Entrepreneur, Brand Manager and Brand Consultant.

The average human wants more, to do more and to be more, a lot people aren’t quite satisfied with what they’ve accomplished, and they like to be more productive, make more money, and be more important in their work place. But success doesn’t happen by accident, it Is a choice made by ordinary humans who make up their minds to follow through on a commitment through ups and downs, as well as major setbacks that might bring down other people who have tendencies to blame their failures on circumstances and other people, but for people who do want to succeed, who want to make progress faster and accomplish their goals quicker there are certain things they can do, to do better with the same amount of time and resources.

1. End Unproductive Relationships.

One of the first things you have to do is end relationships that aren’t contributing to your development as a human being, very often people either can’t identify a relationship as being bad for them because of how much time they enjoy spending with that individual, but the truth is some of the relationships we enjoy the most are causing us the most amount of harm, you might have friends that encourage parts of you that really should be dying, they might be fun to be around and you might really care about them but as human beings our most fun companions might not be the most essential for our growth, while on the flip side we might have acquaintances were are not particularly fond of who keep us disciplined and focused, who also have a tenacity for keeping our worst habits in check, ending bad relationships isn’t always easy even after we identify a relationship as being toxic we might still not be able to severe ties with the wrong types of people, but it is something we must do to continue growing as individuals.

2. Work Hard To Play Hard.

A good motivation for working hard is reminding ourselves that when we do the right thing at the right time we reap the rewards of it, that rule will always be a constant of our human existence. most people can’t focus on the right things at the right time and will often take unnecessary breaks while working on an important project to do something that they could simply do at any time, if were honest with ourselves we would remember that most leisure activities can be done at any time, you can record your favorite shows and watch them at a more convenient time, if you can’t discipline yourself to keep your mind focused on a particular task until its completion, the quality of our work will suffer constantly.

3. Keep A Source Of Inspiration Close By.

Sometimes it’s difficult to keep going, mental fatigue sets in, we start losing hope things won’t always flow the way we want them to. I would be lying to you if I said there won’t be moments of discouragement, moments when you just don’t get the point of all the hard work and you want to slack of a little bit. Keep a reminder of what you are working towards on hand whatever it may be maybe a house you’re working towards, whatever it Is, you might not need it at the beginning but eventually you will.

4. Sleep A Lot.

Don’t take this for granted, lack of sleep affects more than our levels of productivity, sleep well, find what works for you and make sure you stick to it, an exhausted mind can only take so much, sleep deprivation is one of the keys to a sad existence, make sure your sleeping time is not just valued by you but by those close to you.

5. Eat Right And Exercise.

Health affects your productivity, watch what you eat like your allergic to a 1000 things, the most productive individuals in the world aren’t people who spent most of their time in a hospital bed. if you take care of yourself, you’ll reap the rewards.

Finally don’t worry, worry is bad, stupid and makes no sense what so ever, you can’t change what you can’t change whether that be someone or a situation so just let go and focus on the things you actually can.

© 2018 Elijah Tornaziba


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