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How To Keep The Softener Sheets Away From The Dry Clothes.

Updated on February 10, 2017

Finished Bag.


Benefits Of The bag And Other Qualities.

when you keep the fabric softener in the bag. The laundry room and dryer will be clean from old softener sheets. Each time the laundry is done. The bag will continue adding sheets. The clothes will look better each time. Because the remains of the softener in each used sheets from previous used will make the new softener sheet and old sheets stronger in the bag. The bag is safe to used because the wet clothes keep the bag and old sheets moist and both the bag and clothes dry at the same time. There is no hazard to the dryer or clothes.

It Is Easy And Simple.


Two Piece Pattern And A Scissors

The lace fabric used for the bag had the same pattern to finished with an even bag. The bag does not need to be perfect because the bag is going to be used for a heavy duty job. The most important thing is to find a good strong fabric to make sure; it last a few uses.

How To Make The Button.


Instructions To Create The Bag.

1 You need buy the same fabric pattern and thread that matches the fabric's color.

2 you need to cut a 10 inches two pieces circle of lace fabric.

3 You need to sew the two cut lace circles half inch in. Then turn the bag inside out from the three inches opening to insert the softener's sheets.

4 You need to sew the bag around on the edges to secure the bag.

5 You need to add a button to make sure the sheets do not come out from the bag. The button is made from the same lace. You need to cut two small piece of fabric to fit on the fasten that you secure on the bag with the sewing machine.

Sewing The Button.

Insert the small piece of fabric. Then, you need to shape it like a small marvel. You need to sew it by hand with a needle and thread. Finally, you need to sew on the bag to closed the bag.

Fabric Softener.

How often do you buy your 60 sheets box or 120 sheets fabric softener.?

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Cost Of Fabric Monthly.

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    • erorantes profile image

      Ana Maria Orantes 12 months ago from Miami Florida

      My laundry room is clean. Since, I started to use the bag for the softener sheets. It is a nice feeling. You should tried. Please do not miss a great opportunity that this hub is offering you. If you make it and used. Please let me know. I am looking forward reading your comments.