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How To Keep Your Article Marketing Alive And Well

Updated on June 27, 2011

Writing articles is sometimes quite painful for most aspiring Internet marketing entrepreneurs, and they give up quite easily after the first few are painfully written to completion. Most are worried about what others will think of their writing, and they will be rejected. The truth is, no one cares, and the sooner they can swallow that horse-sized pill of realization the quicker they can get on down the road to making money. Writing is not tough, people who write make it tough, and without constant action their articles will not get written, they will lose their enthusiasm about making new streams of revenue online, and will one of the people in short order that say making money online does not work.

Real Article Marketers Do Not Get Blocked!

Article Writing - No More Writer's Block For You Little Mister!
Article Writing - No More Writer's Block For You Little Mister!

Into Action - Writing Articles Now!

It works, if "You" work it, and create a white heat of discipline that allows for the cranking out of articles to publish on a daily basis. My trick is writing three articles first thing in the morning to loosen up, and whatever subject I want it to be at first. This gets you warmed up for the day, and allows that mental speed bump some call writers block to vanish quickly.

The other serious excuse about writing articles to market niche websites, is that they don't like what they are writing about. Who cares? Do you like working your nine to five job everyday? The answer will be no, due to the fact that you are trying to make alternate sources of income to quit your job for good. You have to use that mantra that I really do not care for in whole, but it abounds with Zen like truth. "It Is What It Is", and that my friends is your major roadblock in life, accepting what is in front of you and acting on it, instead of shrinking from the task at hand.

The Subject Does Not Matter! Just Write About It!

The next time you do not want to write an article about eyelet curtains, large area rugs, or sterling silver charms, just look at this way. When was the last time you liked to listen to a customer complaining for five to ten minutes? The answer is never. The same holds true for writing about anything, and everything that most of us find boring, because it is not in our realm of interest. Well you are here to make money, and not worry about the small stuff. If you just write six or seven keyword targeted articles for your niche site(s) each day, seven days a week, you will be so far ahead of the average curve, that in six months, you will be firing your boss, and getting up at the crack of noon.

Do not linger on writing articles or submitting them, and just get it done, without worrying about too much in the "is it good enough department". Run the spell checker, and grammar checker which can be done while you type in Microsoft Word. Set your grammar preferences to formal, and make the suggested changes the software tells you too. Then submit your articles immediately. They will not bring you the joy of revenue sitting on your pink laptop.

Action Is Everything - You Have Everything You Need!

Finally, go for the easy keywords in the beginning to get a little confidence built up. Even if you are only making twenty bucks a month in two months, that is probably a one hundred percent gain from what you are making right now. A wise person in a twelve-step program once wrote "I had the best intentions, but ultimately the world only saw my actions", and that is key right there - action - is everything. Good or bad results, you have to keep moving, striving, learning, correcting and improving to make money online or in everyday life.

You have everything you need right in front of you right now, and just flipping that mental switch to get moving is the key to getting to where you want to be at good solid pace. You do not need to be Hemingway to write SEO articles, heck look at Jack Kerouac he was a booze-riddled drug attic that taped a few hundred sheets of paper together and wrote his book "On The Road" while in a drug crazed frenzy over a few days with a manual typewriter. His book is a classic now, but no one was buying it then. So, you see everyone has to start somewhere. You can start where you are, right now.

The Only Tool You Need For Article Marketing


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    • JonSterling profile image

      Jon Sterling 7 years ago from Houston Texas - United States

      Thanks 5institutes - appreciate the comments!

    • 5institutes profile image

      5institutes 7 years ago from Nampa, ID

      Lovely advice. Seeing you're from Texas, lemme re-phrase:

      Yee-haw! (That was an attempt at a joke, not mockery. Love Texas to pieces!)

      Great article, inspiring, bookmarked and voted up! Writers need to hear it.


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