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How You Can Profit A Powerful Marketing Lesson You Learn From Watching A Foreign Film!

Updated on August 8, 2011
Always be sure whether you speaking on or offline that your message is being clearly understood!
Always be sure whether you speaking on or offline that your message is being clearly understood!

Introducing Three Incredibly Simple Reasons Why Your Information Products Are At Least Up To 50% Less Effective! (And How To Fix It!)

Have you ever had the pleasure of watching a foreign film without the (all important) subtitles?

Yea, as you can imagine it really is a ton of fun. You struggle with trying to figure what's being said simply by watching the movie itself. And before long you simply both tune it out and turn the movie off as well. Ever been there?

( FYI: for those of you not totally familiar with the term 'subtitles"; it simply refers to the all important text that translates the the films language into another language in order for the audience to understand what's being said.)

Now you're probably wondering 'what' if anything does that have to do with your ability to make money in your small business on or offline,correct? Good question; and on that note, lets quickly turn your attention to.

Three Incredibly Simple Reasons Why Your Information Business Is At Least 50% Less Effective Than It Could Or Should Be! ( And How To Fix It!)

1.) First off; ladies and gentlemen you have to remember that a certain percentage of your online readership (anywhere from 10- 40%) at any given time is basically Internet terminology illiterate.

Or to be more politically correct, they're newbies to all of this online cyber lingo! So they basically have no clue what you mean by the following five terms such as:

A.) PPC- Pay Per Click Advertising.B.) SEO- Search Engine Optimization C.) FTP- File Transfer Protocol? D.) HTML- Hyper Text Markup Language ( Say what?). E.) POP3- Post Office Protocol (Version # 3)

And on and on it goes my friend with this incredibly cryptic language. Unfortunately, for at least 10-40% of your readership. They simply have no clue what your taking about, so they can't follow (or appreciate) any of your important points!

And as a result, they simply leave your site, or exist your video or your blog etc; simply because just like watching the foreign film without the proper subtitles,they can't follow you.

So if you've spent your earned money to drive the traffic to your site, you lose., because they don't stick around or opt in to your list!

2.) That being said: whenever you write or produce any type of informative video or audio product. Always be sure that you explain in simple layman's term (using para theses) what any specific in house terms actually mean, that way the high majority can now follow you.

3.) Here's another extremely big mistake.Whenever you're doing an audio interview (or) your audience is listening to a recording of one of your audio products and you or the interviewer directs your listeners to one of your websites.

Always be sure that directly after you give out the web address, be sure that you speak slowly and take the time to spell out the exact web address.

That way if your site has any hyphens or if the words are easily confused by the spelling, they can still find your site.There is nothing more frustrating or wasteful then listening to an interview and not being really sure 'how to' get to the presenters website! Don't let this incredibly common occurrence happen to you!

You adhere to these three incredibly powerful (yet) simple proven marketing ploys and just like adding the all important subtitles to that foreign film. It really helps your audience appreciate your message. Don't you agree?


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