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How To List On eBay Free

Updated on September 26, 2013
Just one of 10 days worth of listings
Just one of 10 days worth of listings

Over $25,000 In Free Listings

I sell flags on ebay, South Jersey Flags and about 8 to 10 times a year ebay offers free listings, it looks like junk mail in you email account, but it is real. I started over a year ago using these free listings and probably have saved 100,000 in listing fees, listing items I normally would only list in my store.

Each time they offer free listings they allow you to list up to 50,000 free auctions, but there may be a catch, sometimes it is only on 3 day auctions, some days it is on 1 day auctions, some times it is only for auctions listed in certain categories. You have to follow the rules or you will pay hefty fees, trust me I learned the hard way to read the details of every offer, I once had to pay over 600.00 USD in fees because I listed one day auctions.

It Takes A Lot Of Work

I have a lot of friends that ask me how I can get so many listings done, so far I have never told anyone how I do it. It has taken me almost a year of working on it approx 10 hours a month to get to where I can list that many items during a free offer. I have never been able to hit the 50,000 free listings. But I have sold 10s of thousands of dollars worth of products. YES I have to pay the final value fee, but not paying the listing fee is huge.

I use turbo lister to build the ads, and I export them to a file for future use, it is a slow painful process, but I am going to guess that in Dec 2012 I will sell an extra 3 to 4,000 dollars worth of flags because of free listing offers. I will discuss this in detail in a future writing, I want to try and stay focused on the topic of free listings. But with turbo lister, and excel I am able to produce ads quicker for these free listings.

driving my dream car

Happy customers means more free
Happy customers means more free

350 Free Auctions Monthly

After going to an ebay on location, that you can have up to 7 different seller accounts, each account will get 50 free auctions a month as long as it does not have a store. That is a total of 350 auctions every month, again I use turbo lister and auctiva to set up my free auctions, if you are just getting started these are great 350.00 auctions if you average 3 dollars profit on every auction thats over 1000 bucks a month in extra income...

Now here is how I set up my accounts on ebay, first get 7 email addresses, each account must have its own email address, then I set up the ebay accounts, for free, then I make them seller accounts with the fees being taken right out of my paypal. So now you have 7 accounts, with zero feedback. So do not think you will set the world on fire.

Feedback Matters Focus To Get There

No one likes to buy from a new guy, so your feedback matters, start with focusing on one account, make it your main account, this is the one you want to use the listings throughout the month, make your ads you, be honest tell your story. I did and people loved it, when I started I had to eat crow and tell the world not long ago I was homeless, dont lie, but be you.

Buy some cheap stuff for positive feedback, it helps your score. you will not be reach over night, but if you stick with it in your spare time, you will make steady money inside of a year. many people want that instant gratification and this is not going to do it.

Provide customer support, if someone doesnt like what you sold, offer to refund their money, if it is a cheap item, let them keep it as well, always helped my feedback score with them as well.. You will started to make mile stones, first 10, then, 50, then 100, next thing you know your sales are increasing. I worked long and hard when I started and knew feedback was key, buy more stuff for a penny, alot of emailed junk on ebay you can find. but it all boost your feedback score.

FREE doesnt mean SUCCESS

I hear many people tell me I am lucky, yes I had luck on my side as I built this business,

L abor
U nder
C orrect
K nowledge

I put a lot of long hours in, I worked very hard, I read everything I could get my hands on, I found ebay groups of people and followed their facebook, twitter, and hubpages. I got a few breaks but if you work hard at it you will as well. If you love what you are doing it is very easy to work hard and in the beginning cheap... but in the end it will pay off.

It did for me check out the car I drive today, and to think about 5 years ago I was sleeping under the boardwalk in Atlantic City

eBay Listing Tips & Tricks

Love To Hear From My Readers

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