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How To Make A Good First Impression At A Job Interview

Updated on February 7, 2016

The crucial period in which impressions are formed by somebody new, is within the initial four minutes. In the first 10 seconds, you would be judged for your health, brains, sensitivity, style and richness.

Make A Good First Impression At A Job Interview


Ways to make a good first impression at an interview

  1. Analyze yourself. If you know yourself inside out, you are more likely to describe yourself the same way that outsiders describe you. This way, you will be able to better judge your appearance, moods, attitudes, and social behavior. Write an essay describing everything about yourself, and ask a trusted friend, relative or a family member to do the same for you. Then compare your own views with his or her perceptions about you. This is a basic litmus test that tells you if you are seeing yourself as the world sees you. If the results of this test differ substantially, then you may need to start paying more attention to others' reactions about you.
  2. Multiple interviews are better. Your chances of accurately judging whether you will be offered a job are much higher if you have met several managers, individually or in a group.
  3. Understand what is expected from you. A person is evaluated by the benefits he or she provides to others. Those who bring interesting facts, trivia or observations about current events related to the topic of the interview, are seen as stimulating.
  4. Do your homework. Do your research, read the company website and press release, do some internet search about the company and turn up knowledgeable.
  5. Practice makes a man perfect. Pick a single area you want to focus on. Then test your strategy for the interview in a situation that has little consequences to you.
  6. Pay close attention. Positive signs include smiling at you, leaning towards you when you speak, asking questions and giving you some small bits of information.
  7. Keep time to compose yourself. Aim to reach your destination at least 15 minutes ahead of time. Then make a trip to the washroom, comb your hair, and straighten your clothes. Practice deep breathing and guided imagery exercises while you wait for your turn.
  8. Project a professional image. Your clothes must evolve from the culture of the company, the clients and the department where you are supposed to work. Studies have linked clothes consciousness to a high self-esteem and job satisfaction. To know more about the culture of a company, check out the photographs from its annual report to find out what the employees wear. Maintain a perfect posture. A firm handshake always leaves a good impact on the interviewer.
  9. Mind your words. Make your words consistent with your appearance. Try to sound more relaxed, assertive and confident. To practice this, record yourself reading a novel. Play it back. Be alert for voice tones that sound apologetic, timid or unsure. Compare it with a professional audio CD.
  10. Have an impressive body language. Studies have found that more than half of our feelings and attitudes come from our facial expressions. Keep a pleasant but passive expression throughout the interview. Avoid inappropriate smiling that can project you as a weak and unassertive person. A good eye contact is perceived as a sign of alertness, confidence, and responsibility. If there are several interviewers, let your gaze meet each person.


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    • yourgoodtips profile image

      Alex moya fernandez 

      3 years ago from Barcelona

      I like in general, though I especially like point no.5. I think that's the most important step (in my opinion) to make a first impression at a interview.


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