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How To Make Extra Money With Mobile Cell Phone Marketing

Updated on March 29, 2012

Mobile Phone Marketing Strategies

Making extra money with Mobile Phone Marketing is a bit more exciting than blogging and article writing. Sure you can still write and command visitors to your affiliate offers or web-pages but are you in the presence of billions of people?

That's right the cell phone industry has billions of people that carry their phones with them were ever they go. They are always connected and your can tap into that resource with simple marketing strategies that can make you financially well off.

You can market ring-tones, wallpaper,and sell music! This is only the tip of the iceberg. Affiliate programs with formatted advertisements for cell phones are paying large payouts to people like you and me for just marketing a phone number or information in a form.

Here are some sites you can check out to see how different mobile marketing affiliate programs are.

These companies have websites already set up to be viewed in most cell phones or iPad. Some companies only use iPhone, Blackberry's, or Android devices.

You will have to go through a sign up process and be approved which will take a day or so; but will be worth it. I had to scan my license and fax it over to one company!

Ways To Earn Extra Money From Mobile Phone Marketing

  • Affiliate Programs - PPC(pay per click) or PPA(Pay per action)
  • Use cell phone banners./ads
  • Sell Ring-Tones/Wallpaper
  • Sell online music
  • Promote YouTube artist for a fee.
  • Market offline businesses for a fee.
  • Make mobile banners for marketers.

After the sign up process you will choose the programs you want to market. But always be nice to your admin because later you may want to ask for a raise if you see another company paying more for the same program. Of course they will match it,with proof of course.

You would have just giving yourself a raise! This is virtually impossible in a 9 to 5 job.

  • Marketing with a pay per click campaign like google years ago was very lucrative. But many would agree that it is too costly now. However you can pay about a nickle per click with a mobile advertising campaign.
  • Of course you can always send visitors to your programs with a well written blog or article to leverage your money efforts.
  • Social networks are always a winner for spreading the word around as well as...
  • Forums for similar needs for the product you are campaigning about.

There are people now making Thousands of dollars in a month. Even teenager are making money with mobile marketing .Please vote if you found this educational! Visit Make Extra Money blogspot for more money making information.


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    • Onlinestrategies profile image

      Onlinestrategies 6 years ago

      As smartphones are becoming extremely popular, mobile marketing has lot of money making potential if used right.