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How To Make Money Mowing Lawns

Updated on February 16, 2018


 Mowing lawns is a great business idea. There are alot of lawns out there and someone has to mow them. This is where you could come in by offering your own lawn mowing service. You can start out small and potentially grow into a large business. This article will hopefully help you get some ideas to start your own lawn mowing business. Be sure to bookmark this page and pass it on to all your friends.


The first thing you will want to do is plan on weather you want to do commercial lawns such as retail stores, busiesses, offices, ect. Or if you want to do residential lawns such as houses, apartments, ect. After you have decided what type of lawns you want to do you will need some basic equipmet.

One of the most important pieces of equipment you will want is your own lawn mower. It will be alot easier if you have your own as alot of people do not own one and expect you to have one. For small jobs such as homes you can get a regular push lawn mower. If you do large areas such as parks you may want to invest in a riding lawn mower. You may also want to get a trimmer and an edger as some people will expect you to trim and edge the lawn as well. You could also charge extra for these services. Some other things to consider would be gloves, rake, garbage bags, trash can, gas can, and a truck to transport your equipment.


 Once you have your equipment and a plan of what you are doing it is time to advertise. There are a variety of ways to advertise your service. One way is to put an ad in the paper. Be sure to put your name and number in the ad so people can contact you.

Another way is through flyers. You can make a flyer on your computer and make copies of it to send around the neigborhood. You could post on peoples doors, community bulliten boards or even mail them to people.

Business cards are another way to advertise. Pass them out to everyone you come into contact with and let them know about your business. You can go to copy centers such as kinkos to get these. There are also some places online. Just do a google search to find them.


 Once you have customers you can do all the work yourself or you could hire out others to do the work for you while you focus on running your busiess. There are a number of options as far as labor but I am only going to list a few.

One is you could hire teenagers. They can work inexpensivly but you may have to work around school schedules unless you only have them work while school is out.You could also try immigrants. Just make sure they are legal before you hire them or you could get into trouble. Another thing to consider is language barriers. Unless you know thier language it might be hard to communicate. Another option is to try temps. You could go to places like Labor Ready and get labor right away if it is available. I is a little more expensive but they screen employees and manage taxes, and other issues. Plus you do not have to keep someone if they do not work the way you need them to.


 Running your own lawn mowing business can be a great way to make money but there are a few things to consider with your business so here are a few tips:

1. Pay your help a FAIR wage. If they work hard and do a good job consider bonuses or a pay increase. People will be more motivated to work if they are paid fair.

2. Have your own equipment. Most people will probably expect you to have your own equipment so it is best to have your own.

3. Get Legal. Make sure you have a business license if required and any other licences or legal stuff. Also check your local employment laws if you hire help.

4. Offer free services. Offer trimming, edging or other services for free and you might get more customers. People like to get a deal.

5. Check your competition. Check thier prices, service, ect and see what they are doing and apply it to your business.

6. Offer GREAT customer service. Often people will pay more for someone with good customer service rather than go to someone who treats them badly.

7. Don't underprice your service. Price your service according to it's worth. If you price to low you risk losing opportunities to make more. Instead of pricing lower try offering more value to your customers.

8. Best of all have fun. It is hard to run a business when it is not fun.


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    • JackTurner profile image

      JackTurner 6 years ago from UK

      Lawn mowing if a good way to get your own business of the ground. Would recommend it to any young entrepreneur or as a larger operation if the local clients can support it. Good luck.


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