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How To Make Money On A Blog

Updated on November 7, 2013

So you want to know How To Make Money On A Blog? First please read my article on Top 3 questions you should ask yourself before you start to make money online, this will help you to understand how people are making money on selling all kind of "miraculous" ways to make money online.

To be successful in any business (yes, writing a blog is also a business) you should follow three rules:

  1. Be Patient
  2. Don't Give up
  3. Work Hard

It really doesn't matter in which order you will follow those rules. All of them are really important also when making money on a blog.

Using your own domain or use a free one from, etc.

Well, it depends on how serious you want to be in your blogging business. Using your own domain looks more serious than having a free one. These are the main differences between those two:

PRO's to have your own domain:
PRO's to have a free domain:
1. It looks more professional
1. Easier to setup
2. More modification Possibilities
2. Easier to optimize your blog for Google (as for example or has a higher pagerank which is more valuable for Google or ther search engines.
3. You can sell your blog afterwards
3. Easier way to setup ads
CON's to have your own domain
CON's to have a free domain
1. Cost money (at least 10$ yearly)
1. Doesn't look so professional
2. Harder to setup
2. Limited layouts

My personal recommendation is to get a free domain for the forst time. It's easier to setup, add ads and basiclly controlling everything, and than after a year you can buy yourself a domain and move your blog from the free domain. You will not loos your traffic if you will use a redirection protocol 301.

How To Find Great Keywords

Choosing Niche and Keywords

Choosing a right niche will give you the answer on how to make money on a blog. Finding a good niche is crutial for your future earnings that's why do a really good research! I recommend to start searching a niche around you:

  1. What's your hobby
  2. Where do you work - maybe something related to your work is unusual of course besides earnings :)
  3. Maybe your friends or family has an original hobby try to ask them

Then you can verify if your nich is profitable (how many people are searching for this topic) by using Google Keyword Tool (check the next paragraph).

Be Patient this is a long process but i guarantee that it will pay back if you chose a right niche.

Second step is to use the right keywords for your blog. Use the Google Keyword Tool to find keywords (it's for free and is giving good results). My suggestion is to find long tail keywords based on your niche (to make long story short these keywords have less competition so you can much easier get the first position in SERP)


If you want to write about cars just don't use a keyword "car" as it has a lot of competition and you would need millions of dollars to get to the first position for that keyword in SERP. It took me 2 minutes to find a really good keyword realated to "cars":

  • most expensive muscle car - it doesn't have a lot of searches because only around 1000 but if you write ten articles for keywords like this you would have 10000 visits monthly and this is a good start.


  1. Always check the EXACT match instead of BROAD match (shows more reliable results on how much people are searching this term monthly)
  2. After you choose a keyword always check if this keyword appears on the first page of results in Google - if yes search more keywords, if no you're good to go! ( it has to be the exact number of words in the same order!)
  3. Always take a look for the "global monthly searches"

Write Articles

After finding a good niche, keywords and setting up your blog you can start to write articles. As I wrote earlier articles should be on a specific topic and have something in common like "cars". Try to write at least 10 articles:

  • They should have at least 600 words
  • The keyword should be used at least three times (in the beginnig, in the middle and somewhere at the end)
  • They should be unique and comprehensive (don't copy any articles from the web as Google will ban you)
  • You should always try to think - what kind of articles you would like to find on a specific subject.

To check if your article is unique try this tool will make sure that your article wasn't copied form other sources.

Getting to the 1st place in Google

After writing those ten articles some of the keywords will give you the first place in google, but not everyone. You should check your position for a specific keyword in google (I use to do it - it's free) If for some of the specific keywords you're not on the first page you should get some backlinks to your articles.


This is where the fun part starts :) - Getting backlinks is the most tedious, awful job ever.

  • You should add backlins to your specific article on other blogs ( it has to be topic related), but not like 30 on the same day (google don't like it as it thinks that this links are not organic), so add no more then 5 links a day
  • Try to get backlinks from the forums and other sites topic related

Here again you'll need a lot of patience to do it!

3 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Finally we can talk about how to make money on a blog. There's 3 most common ways to monetize your blog:

  • Adding ads to your blog for example offers an easy way to add ads from the google adsense program
  • Affiliate Programs like form - you can write a review on a specific product and at the end of the article add and ad from amazon and if somebody will buy a product from that specific link you will get your share
  • Searching ads for yourself - If you can prove that your blog has 10,000 or more visitors monthly you can find an advertiser for yourself

There's also a 4th way to do it - it's to sell your blog with the content but you need to have your own domain for this.

If you have any questions please post a comment and I'll try to answer asap.


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