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How To Make Money On Twitter With No Investment

Updated on September 13, 2012

More people than ever before are hoping to quit their day job and work from the comfort of their home. Although this is a big leap to take, it can definitely pay off so long as you are willing to put in the work. With Twitter now boasting more than 140 million users worldwide, it is clear to see that this social networking platform has major potential. You can now take advantage of this potential by using three effective methods.


If you have not heard of MyLikes before, you should seriously get involved with this site. While you may not get rich using MyLikes, this is a great money-maker for some extra funds that can be used towards groceries, bills and such.

With this website, you simply need to connect your Twitter account and choose your interests. Either promote products from every company on the site or choose products and companies that are specific to the niche you specialize in.

For example, if your Twitter account is based around weight loss, consider campaigns for heath and food. By doing this, you can then take the appropriate link from certain products and wait for the clicks to pour in. The more followers you have, the better the results will be because each time someone clicks on the link, you get the amount of money listed next to the campaign.

Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets is a well-known website that people have been using for quite a while. This site is simple to use and you can either sign up as an advertiser or a tweeter. If you choose to be an advertiser, you can get other people to promote your products through online tweets. This is a very powerful form of advertising and this is a good way to make money if you have a business service or product to sell.

Alternatively, sign up as a tweeter and set a price. The price you set should be reasonable because if not, advertisers will not want to pay you. This price will be the amount of money you receive so once you have an idea of this, you can choose the offers, post them on your Twitter account and get payment. You should have a good amount of followers to do this.

Affiliate marketing

If you are an avid web user who wants to earn money, it is very likely you have stumbled upon articles talking about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing involves selling other people's product for them. Not only do you help the product creator out by selling the product for them and getting them exposure but also, you will be able to earn a percentage of the sale price.

Therefore if you make 12 sales in one day for a product that is sold at a price of $50 and you get 20 percent of that, you could make $120!

That's a pretty nice wage for one day. If you want to do this, you should create a few different Twitter accounts that are focused on particular topics.

Visit affiliate programs such as Clickbank and Affiliate BOT to find products to promote that relate to your Twitter account.

Build up a following of 10,000 or more and start to slowly embed links into your tweets. Remember that you should not be too pushy and instead, try to inform your followers and help them.

If you need help getting a Twitter following, consider using a website like Twiends to help you.

Take your time, put the effort in and you WILL succeed!


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    • Healthyannie profile image

      Healthyannie 5 years ago from Spain

      Really useful article - I am just putting together my own on line store

      so any info which can help to promote my own line store is useful.

      Thank you for sharing Annie