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How To Make Money Online From YouTube

Updated on January 27, 2014

About YouTube

YouTube is the best video sharing website. Most of the peoples are now replacing their TV with YouTube. If you have Google account, you can use your Google account to create your YouTube Profile. Create your videos and publish it. Be YouTube partner and start making money with your uploaded videos on YouTube.

Peoples are using YouTube for entertainment purpose.But If you are serious and want to Make $10,000 Per Year as a YouTube Partner Here is the simple guide to proceed with.You will need to associate your YouTube account with Google adsense to make money. If you don't know what is Google Adsense, please check out on Wikipedia.

If you are having good actor like skill, comedian skill or anything you can make something different than others, you would get thousands of subscribers from your YouTube channel. You can create your new youtube channel with your name and start uploading own selfmade videos there.

Set up and build your YouTube channel

Set up and build your YouTube Channel

First of all, start with basic. If you don't have any YouTube account, create new one YouTube channel.All Gmail account is associated with YouTube, so if you have gmail account, you can easily get YouTube account. If you don't have any gmail account, you can create new gmail account for free and then create, set up YouTube channel (if you already have a channel, the link will take you to it).

Upload First Video to Your Channel

Now once you create YouTube channel, verify your mobile number. So it would allow you to upload longer than 30 minutes video there.Here are few example and ideas about profession based YouTube channel to create specific niche based YouTube channel.

  • If you are student, you can try to create video about your lesson, chapters and subject on whichever you are expert. Make video about any topic you are expert and upload video there.
  • If you are housewife, you might know what is the best recipe, how to create testy recipe and ingredient and step by step procedure.
  • If you are business owner, you can explore your stuff, how you doing, what strategy you did you grow your business etc.
  • If you are blogger, you can create YouTube video as per your blog's niche.
  • If you like an art, creating sketch you can create channel on how to make the best sketch or like that.
  • If you are a good comedian, you can create comedy YouTube channel.

Uploading First Video on YouTube

Uploading First Video on YouTube
Uploading First Video on YouTube

Like the above example, you can start uploading videos and start getting subscribers and likes. Be more active on YouTube, make comment on other channels, respond to commentators, subscribe others channel you like. This way you can build your audience, once you have large amount of subscribers, your videos will be getting more and more views daily. More sharing, more likes would be received and this way you are on the way to get more traffic to your YouTube Channel.

Forced Ads on YouTube

How You Will Earn Money From YouTube

You might have observed that when you are watching any videos on YouTube, there will be little banner at the bottom. Its ads banner shown by YouTube, to make money from advertisers.

Sometimes when you start videos, ads will be shown in videos. It will lookalike in the image attached beside this. Like it will say you you can skip ads after 10 seconds, 5 seconds etc. So it will force you to watch the ads promoted and provided by advertisers and make money from it.

Sometimes ads will be shown in square box at sidebar. Like it changes ads placement from the video page, to make more clicks and money from the advertisements shown on YouTube video page.

How YouTube Gives Money from Your Videos

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YouTube Earning Potential

Yes, you can make living from YouTube channel. Some peoples I have seen they are earning huge amount of money from YouTube channel alone.I personally know few peoples who are earning thousand dollars per month from their YouTube channel. By taking inspiration from them I created my own YouTube channels on few topics.

  • Comedy YouTube channel : Where me and my nephew making fun and own moments there.
  • Ehowportal videos : Its how to video guide. I created this channel based on my how to blog. When I create new articles about how to, I used to upload videos there related to the article.

Tips to Getting Success on YouTube

  • Like blog, you should update your video blog on YouTube frequently.Its called vlog.
  • Create one or two videos on weekly basis.
  • Try to get more likes,subscribers, comments by encouraging your viewers.
  • Create unique channel and upload interesting, funny, informational, inspirational videos.
  • Creating Interesting titles for your videos, so whenever any visitors search anything on search engine related to your video, they might find titles interesting and this will lead them to watch your videos.

Before you upload YouTube videos and start monetize it, you need to agree with YouTube Terms of Service as well as publish video according to their Video Publishing Guidelines.


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